Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Snow Falling

As I watch the snow fall during rush hour in the city, I am reminded how like wisdom snow flakes are. I don’t see it so much as us being the warm ground ready to integrate and embrace the snow flakes of wisdom into our lives. Instead, we are the harsh ground hoping to eliminate the unwelcome advice of the universe before we have a chance to enjoy the beauty. We don’t want to alter our habits and our plans for the evening. In fact, this life giving moisture is seen as inconvenient at a minimum; do we have plenty of bottled water, milk and toilet paper (and wine, if you are in my house) in case the electricity goes off? I am never quite sure how the toilet paper is suppose to help if the electricity goes out, but if conventional wisdom says to buy it, we do. And at its extreme, at least on the days we need to commute, the snow is threatening, a burden and potentially has the power to kill. (At least that is how the headlines would read…”5 killed in freak snow storm.”)

Aren’t new ideas (aka wisdom) seen as inconvenient? “I am going to have to learn something new? Didn’t I learn everything I was suppose to in Kindergarten, anyway?” Oh we allow ourselves, grudgingly in some cases, to learn new technologies, new techniques, but do we really open ourselves up to new ideas and concepts? “If my mother didn’t tell me about it, well then, it probably doesn’t need to be learned.” OK – I learned a heck of a lot, both practically and spiritually from my mother, but I am willing to admit (as would she) that there are plenty of other teachers out there who might have another piece to help me complete my puzzle.

If we don’t embrace the wisdom when it is falling slowly, lovely and silently from the heavens…If we don’t get it when the wisdom is gentle, then we may only open ourselves up to the wisdom when it is piled high and terrifying. Just like the snow during the afternoon commute, the wisdom will eventually take hold. The only question is whether we will embrace it and be an early adopter; enjoying the benefits of the secrets the universe has for us and all? Or will we be late comers to the new information? It doesn’t matter which we are. There is no judgment from the wisdom. It is simply a matter of how joyful is our commute home.

Being prepared for the snow may be as easy as being open to the gentle wisdoms; integrate the snow flakes as they fall into our conscious awareness. Shovel as you go along and have the cork screw ever at the ready. Then, do as the teenagers do: pray for a snow day.