Sunday, June 8, 2014

STANDING IN THE LIGHT® Classes in Fort Collins and Louisville, CO in July

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Martha and I are teaching STANDING IN THE LIGHT® Classes in Fort Collins and Louisville, CO in July. For more information, check out our website at or email me at or Martha at


STANDING IN THE LIGHT® Classes in Media, PA in November 2014

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I will be teaching STANDING IN THE LIGHT® Level 1 Classes in Media, PA in November 2014. Parts 1 and 2 are on Nov 8 and 9. Parts 3 and 4 are on Nov 15 and 16. Want more information? Check out our website at or email me at


"Meet Lori" Video

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I have posted a video on YouTube to describe me and The STANDING IN THE LIGHT® Classes and Retreats. Here is the link! Namaste.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

My First Silent Retreat

Many of you know that I went on my first “silent retreat” over the Memorial Day weekend. The goal was to not speak, read, listen to radio or music nor watch TV. We were in retreat at Benet Hill Monastery near Colorado Springs. Everything we needed was within walking distance and we were on a meal plan provided by the Sisters. This helped to keep the outside stimuli and the need to “think” to a minimum.  The goal was to just BE.

Before I went, I was telling one of my long-time friends about it on a phone call. Before he could say anything, I said, “Are you laughing?” He said, “from deep in my belly!” And then, a new person who I just met said, “but you are so outgoing and gregarious.” This just made me laugh. I know that I have neither the inclination nor is it my path to take a vow of silence at this particular time in this particular life. But, I would like to share with you what I experienced in my 60 hours of silence.

We used a guided meditation to set the tone for the 60 hours. This meditation, channeled and narrated by Marsha Hankins, helped us connect to the larger parts of ourselves, to mother earth and the cosmos. By leaving this meditation in silence and not breaking it up with any other outside stimuli besides the sound of the hail that was coming down was quite powerful. I could focus on experiencing the feeling of being connected and one with everything around me in the physical world that is perceived by the 5 human senses. I could, also, focus on experiencing the feeling of being connected and one to everything around me in the metaphysical world that is perceived by the sensations and waves in me and the sense of knowingness that is lost in the overload of the 5 human senses. This was staggeringly profound, and I was only 1 hour into the silence.

I am not sure I ever mastered the “monkey mind” which is part of the goal of being in silence. The idea about being in the silence long enough is that you don’t feel the need to entertain yourself in your own thoughts. Instead, you simply allow yourself to experience the “now”. I found myself still discussing scenarios with myself. Discussing conversations that I had in the past and why they were appropriate or how I could have handled them better. Or discussing different ways I could say things that I knew I was going to need to say when I was “back in the real world”. These are all “judgment based” and I realized I was judging myself; judging myself for things I did in the past or judging “what if I don’t get it correct” in the future. A whole lot of judging going on!

Finally, what I found the most surprising was the simple yet acute joy that I found when I was walking around the monastery grounds. It was a rainy weekend and it was still cool at the altitude of 6000 feet. Never being cold but enjoying the coolness was a slice of heaven. Walking the Labyrinth at least twice a day and reminding myself of the innocence and breathtaking aspects of our shared reality that can include peace and relaxation if we allow it. I found myself trying to determine how I would be able to add in some of the aspects of the silence into my everyday life even as the 24 hour news cycle and access to the internet tempts me to fill every moment of every day with someone else’s thoughts and someone else’s experiences. I am setting my intention to claim a little bit of every day for the silence in nature, the silence in the cosmos and the silence within me. This will surely be how and when I find the God/Goddess Within.