Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just Breathe - Suggestions to Lessen Acute Stress

Hi All, This is part two of the suggestions to lessen stress. This entry deals with ideas to lessen acute stress. These ideas and others are discussed more in the workshops I am teaching this summer. See the April 25th entry to learn more about the workshops.


Suggestions to Lessen Acute Stress

(These are ideas to help when you are in the middle of a very stressful situation. They can be done at other times of the day, too, as part of an inwardly focused practice.)

1. Breathe with intention. Take three deep breathes.
a. Set your intention to breathe in Life, Light, Joy, Happiness, whatever good vibration works for you. (You can do this at the beginning of the day…”Every time I breathe in today, I will breathe in Perfect Health”, etc.)
b. Set the intention to breathe out negativity, stress, manic thoughts, etc. every time you breathe out.

2. Ask your inner self / higher self (or if you have a favorite guide, angel or master you work with) to help you let go of the emotional and mental reasons and causes that you are feeling stress. Your inner self (the space you go to when you are quiet) knows how to do this. These reasons and causes may be fear, anger, resentment, hatred, anxiety, lack of abundance, jealousy, envy, etc. It is time to let these negative vibrations go.

3. Start breathing in the good vibration that is the counter to the reason of the stress. For example: If you have fear, breathe in love. If you have jealousy, breathe in self love (you can’t be jealous of someone else if you truly love yourself in a healthy way.) If you have anxiety, breathe in ease and flow of energy or movement. The sky is the limit!! If you can’t think of anything, breathe in light to counteract the darkness of stress.

4. Repeat as necessary!

5. Consider the longer term suggestions to lessen chronic stress and improve your health so that acute stress happens less and less often.

Lifestyle Suggestions to Lessen Chronic Stress

Dear All,

I had the opportunity to speak at a health fair yesterday on the topic of Lessening Stress. I know these are things your mother has told you (or every other health care provider you have had!) for many years....but thought it was worth committing these to paper again...oh I mean to bits and bytes.

This is the companion entry to the one on Suggestions to Lessen Acute Stress. Check it out as well.

Lifestyle Suggestions to Lessen Chronic Stress

1. Get plenty of sleep. 7 – 8 hours a night
a. If drinking alcohol interrupts your sleep, you may want to cut back on it or at least stop a couple hours prior to bed.
b. Consider making breakfast and lunch the bigger meals of the day. Dinner should be lighter so that your body can work on healing itself while you sleep instead of digesting a big meal.
c. If you fall asleep with the TV on, consider getting an automatic timer to shut it and lights off. (Or consider shutting TV off earlier in the night.)
d. Take a hot bath or enjoy a caffeine free tea.
e. Be your own best advocate for getting a better night’s sleep.

2. Drink more clean water and less caffeine

3. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruit and less processed foods or sugar.

4. Exercise more…especially more outdoors where you can enjoy the sun, wind and energy of Mother Earth. Walk, bike ride.

5. Consider taking a stress reduction class or energy class like Evolutionary Reiki or Magnified Healing to give you tools for self relaxation and stress reduction.

6. Take regular breaks from work during the day. (This is the “non-smoking” version of a “smoke” break.)
a. If you don’t have time for a 15 minute break every 2 – 3 hours, at least stand up at your desk and stretch, roll shoulders, get the tense energy out of your upper back and shoulders.
b. If you can’t take a full break, consider changing the project you are working. A change is almost as good as a break. (This is especially helpful if the change is from a static project…like computer work, to a movement project, like filing.)

7. Consider regularly scheduled “atta boy / atta girl” sessions. (Massage, Hair appointments, private energy sessions.)

8. Consider Yoga and other classes where the teachers and other participants are there to help uplift you.

9. Listen to music that uplifts or relaxes you.

10.Remember and re-start the hobby that you really always wanted to do as a career when you were little. This probably gives you a lot of passion and joy, thus less stress.

11. Volunteer at your favorite non-profit.

12.Anything that brings you True Joy will help alleviate your stress.

13. Meditate, use energy work or other inwardly focused practice to relax.

14. Enjoy Life. Remember why you are here…Why you are Truly here!!