Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What are you doing on 10/10/10?

Hi All,

What are you doing on 10 / 10 / 10?

Check out this website for the regarding the organization to raise awareness for our CO2 emissions and the goal to reduce it to 350 parts per million. (We currently sit at 388 ppm.) You can type in your zip code at to see if there is an organized event in your area on 10/10/10 for the global work party.

If there is, consider going…and either car pool, take public transport or bike! Grab a friend or two!

If there isn’t, consider doing your own thing…1) caulk around your windows and doors to get ready for winter, 2) plant a tree or herbs in pots, 3) unplug your “vampire” electronics at night, etc.

AND – for all the energy workers and like minded folks out there: 1) Set your intentions to help increase the ability for ALL…common people / government workers / business owners / politicians, etc. to awaken to the Stewardship we have for Mother Earth and for the Guardianship she has for us. 2) Ask for the multiplication 10 fold of the efforts of 10/10/10 so that real and permanent healing will manifest here on Mother Earth.

If you have other ideas…please add those to your comments when you forward this to your friends and family!!

And May We ALL Feel the Love of Mother Earth, Within Us Always!!



Thursday, July 22, 2010

Am I My Brother's Keeper; Subtitled: I am on a break!

Taking a break from soul searching, I was internet surfing and saw an article stating that a NYC medic had been shot over the weekend. The killing appears to have been over a disputed parking situation, but the headline made you wonder if the killing was revenge for when the medic had supposedly failed to help a pregnant restaurant employee who was having an asthma attack last December from which she ultimately died. Some accounts of the December situation state that the medic and his partner, allegedly, didn’t help the woman because they were on their break. Others say the medics didn’t realize how serious the situation was and simply called dispatch prior to leaving the scene. There is an ongoing investigation to determine the veracity of these statements. The reason for this blog entry is to point out the mirror and to truly inquire: how often do we ask ourselves Cain’s big question: “Am I my brother’s keeper” and how often is our response, “I am on my break.”

Don’t get me wrong. I am a huge proponent of self responsibility. I believe it is a universal law that we all must heed. And the universe, in its infinite wisdom and infinite time, allows us plenty of lessons on how and why we need to be more responsible for ourselves. But self responsibility does not leave out the possibility for compassion for others.

Obviously, in the Genesis Bible verse, Cain is asking his question because he doesn’t want to admit that he had anything to do with Abel’s disappearance. So – again, the same mirror applies…how often do we have a hand in creating the situation we see, (maybe not quite so completely as Cain’s), but we are avoiding taking any responsibility for the situation. “I am on my break.”

Do we look at the Gulf Oil Spill and think it is only BP’s fault? Do we give a thought to the oil workers and the Gulf coast residents who are affected by lack of work and not see our shared responsibility in their plight? Would we feel differently if we lived on the coast or had family who lived on the coast? “Oh, I would help more if I had family on the coast.” Would we feel more compassion is our immediate family members were affected?

Perhaps we are asking the wrong question. The question isn’t “Am I my brother’s keeper?” The question is “Am I my brother?” The solution to every challenge would be much different if instead of “I will help because it is my family,” or “I will help because it was a natural disaster,” we say, “I will help because I am one with my brother.”

It is hard for many of us to imagine that we might ever be in a situation where we will need help from our brother. Or maybe I should say…until about 2 years ago, it was hard for many of us to imagine we might need help from another, from the government, from a bailout. Now, more people not only imagine, but offer thanks daily for the help they have received. And yes, we as individuals, as a society and as global inhabitants need to step into fully understanding self responsibility and self reliability. However, the same question can offer us the solution to self responsibility, too. “Am I my brother?”

If I am the person who appears down trodden at a given moment and someone else is acting as though they are one with me, my subsequent actions will reflect my gratitude, love and desire to pull for the common good.

Divisiveness never leads to compassion or responsibility. It leads to more entrenched and extreme ideas and actions. Remembering that I am part and parcel of Mother Earth will lead me to the correct solution for me, for my brother and for ALL.

OK – Break’s over!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sunrise: Does the sun re-create itself daily?

Like many light workers, I deal daily with the concept of “creating a new me”. Does this mean that the old me needing fixing or that the old me is something less than Divine? The answer may lie in how I look at the situation. What filters do I use to look at myself?

Take the rising sun. As it breaks over the horizon, the most common perspective is that it is creating itself new every day. But, we all know that if we spoke to a friend 12 longitude lines away from us, she could attest to the sun being the same sun in the sky during her day, being perfect and eternal for her needs at simply an earlier time on the clock. Does the sun really create itself new everyday or do we just perceive this eternal ball of energy as different based on the filters through which we view it?

Some of these filters could be clouds in the sky, volcano smoke or human pollution. Some of the filters could be our own personal lens such as ignoring the sun or putting up shades until it is convenient for us to acknowledge the power of the sun on our own timeframe. And finally, maybe our filter is the perceived absence of the sun when really he is just kissing the other side of the earth.

Let’s not discount the beauty, splendor and hope that comes with each new dawn, but we must realize that we are simply allowing the divinity and the perfection of the sun (that has always been there and always will be) shine in our lives. We are abandoning the filters that mar what we know to be eternal. Thus, with ourselves, we simply need to quash the filters and let the Love and the Light naturally occurring to shine through. And if we manage to forget our light and re-apply the old filters to ourselves during the day, we can take solace in knowing that Scarlett is right; “tomorrow is another day”.

Monday, April 12, 2010

IRS Day. Statute of Limitations OR the “get out of a jail free” card.

If you are like most Americans, this Thursday (April 15th) will be your Federal Individual Tax Return deadline. For the majority of individuals in America, April 15th looms large over our heads like the sword of Damocles, bringing abject fear to some or just mild frustration to others. Regardless which camp you are in, you are usually glad to see April 16.

Today, I don’t want to talk about how we should feel about April 15, 2010 with respect to our 2009 Tax filing, but instead how we should feel about April 15, 2010 with respect to our 2006 Tax filing. And the word that comes to mind is ABSOLUTION.

For the vast majority of us who filed our 2006 Federal Income Tax Return by April 15, 2007, this Thursday, will be the end of the statute of limitations for the items in that return. How exciting is that?! (Let’s not get so far down the rabbit hole that we discuss the oddities like carry-overs, or in the case of fraud, etc. We will stick to the most relevant stuff!) The end of the statute of limitations means if we goofed, we don’t have to worry about the IRS coming back to refigure our taxes for 2006 and prior. Collective sigh of relief!

If the Federal Government, the IRS no less, is willing to only look back three years into our financial business…why do we carry around so much of our personal failings, personal grudges and negative-group-think many years, many life times into the future? What is the statute of ABSOLUTION on our perceived failings? Three years? Thirty years? Never?

The caveat for the three year statute of limitations to work with our taxes is that you must actually file your tax return. If you have never filed the return, the three year time limit doesn’t start…so it never ends.

This really is no different for our personal issues. If we don’t look at the issue and start the process to forgive ourselves, to change our energy or our focus, then the festering never has a chance to heal. Even if your initial attempt to heal / change / forgive yourself isn’t perfect, think of it as your “first offer”. You can always update or “amend” it as new information comes in.

I can beat myself up about wrong doings as much as the next human, but I am going to set my intentions to no longer flagellate myself for more than three years!! I know, I know, we shouldn’t even let it go that long, especially if we have learned from the lesson. But, if nothing else seems to work in order to forgive ourselves, let us at least be as compassionate with ourselves as the IRS is.