Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Evolutionary Reiki Evolves!! Welcome Eminent Reiki™.

Dear Ones, Here is a letter from Marsha Hankins explaining the changes from Evolutionary Reiki ™ to Eminent Reiki™. We hope you will all know the joy and energy of Eminent Reiki™. We will post more information over the next couple of months. Leave a comment or email me if you have questions, now!! Namaste.
I AM Lori

Dear Reiki Students and Teachers –

It is with great excitement and Divine Pride in our many accomplishments as Reiki practitioners that The Reiki Masters of the Ascended Realms and I announce several exciting changes to our version of Reiki.

As you all know, The Masters had chosen the name Evolutionary Reiki in the information They channeled to Kris to signify the need for the understanding in the western world that Reiki, like everything else in the universe, was intended to evolve, that the original way Reiki was taught here in the West was not the be all and end all of Reiki.

Now that it is time for the next big evolution in Reiki as we know it, the Masters are announcing the following:

1) The name Evolutionary Reiki™ has been changed from Evolutionary Reiki ™ to Eminent Reiki™. The name Eminent Reiki™ was chosen by The Masters for this process to signify the importance and the stature of the new energy included in both the attunements and the healing process.

2) Not only does Eminent Reiki™ use both male and female energy in healing, as did Evolutionary Reiki, it contains a new blended male and female energy to bring the male and female into a higher state of Oneness. This energy is new to the planet and has been incorporated into the Eminent Reiki™ process and attunements.

3) In addition to this new blended male/female component, new symbols have evolved and more symbols specific to the new higher energies on the planet will become part of Eminent Reiki™ in the future.

4) More information on repeating classes, getting the new attunements and new information will come later.

5) At the request of The Reiki Masters of the Ascended Realms, the name Evolutionary Reiki is passing on to a wonderful, loving Reiki Master Teacher/Healer, Bill Stevens, who had also been guided to the name Evolutionary Reiki several years ago. We wish him well and send him love as he continues to carry forward the name Evolutionary Reiki with his great skill and dedication.

In 2008 Kris was shown a vision from The Masters of the creation of a council of Reiki teachers who would assume the leadership role for Evolutionary Reiki™ so that she could step down and pass the process on to the next generation of Reiki Master Teachers. Kris and I were most excited about this vision.

With evolution to Eminent Reiki™ The Masters have decided it is also time for the evolution of our structure to include this new council. Together, the Masters and I announce to you the creation of The Eminent Reiki™ Council.

The first Eminent Reiki™ Council consists of Martha Moore, Lori Rock and Maria Bonett. The Council will be taking over the channeling, organization, implementation and decision making responsibilities in alignment with the Guidance from The Reiki Masters and the principles of 5D Community. I will stay on as an advisor to the group as they get their feet on the ground and step into their new roles. All trademarks and copyrights that we transferred to me after Kris’ transition have been transferred to The Eminent Reiki™ Council for safe keeping.

We, the Reiki Masters, Kris and I, are most grateful to all of you for your hard work and dedication to mastering the Evolutionary Reiki™ process. We look forward to many wonderful changes to come in the years ahead as we raise our frequencies and prepare to become even greater Masters of the healing arts.

With great love…

Namaste. And…