Thursday, January 31, 2013

Curing What Ails You

I have a vision of all that I am capable of “getting done” this winter and spring, as part of my service to Mother Earth and Humanity and as part of my spiritual growth. The vision I see is huge and, at times, feels overwhelming. It makes me think that I couldn’t possibly accomplish all of these “miracles” without ever doing anything outside of these visions…writing a book, editing a book for a friend, teaching two different class series and facilitating private clients, just to name a few of the goals.

However, one of the things we teach in the I AM CREATOR™ series is that there must be an equal balance between ourselves, our service, and our family and friends. There are always times when we might be a little out of balance here and there…but over the course of a week or a month, it is important to bring ourselves back into balance. It is important for our own healing, but it is important for our interactions with others. It always goes back to the idea that we have heard so many times at the beginning of an airline flight. “You must put your oxygen mask on first before you help someone else with his/her mask.” You are of MORE assistance to yourself, your friends and family, and your world, if you first take care of you.

There will be times when you have a free day and you think…wow, I can really get in some concentrated time meditating and working on my own internal issues. And there are times when you are stuck and in a funk that spending that whole day working on internal issues are just going to frustrate you more because what is really in the highest good for you is for you to remember the JOY and the LIGHT that you already are. On days like this, you will hone the saw more effectively by taking the pressure off of yourself and EXPERIENCING the JOY of WHO YOU TRULY ARE…ALREADY.

I encourage you to do this in whatever way brings you the most joy; whatever way will cure what ails you; whatever way will clear your head!

For me, recently, I was frustrated that some of my goals were not coming into fruition as easily as I thought they should. I mean…I know all the tricks of the trade to manifest my soul’s desire for me. And yet, not only were things taking longer than I thought they should, but I wasn’t feeling well, either. But, instead of beating myself up that I needed more meditation and more time looking at the issues to try to find the exact root cause I needed to clear to make the goals come into form…I was guided to take the day to spend in nature. Go snowshoeing in Northern Colorado. So – my husband and I drove to Cameron Pass which is at 10,000 feet elevation. Based on everything going on with me, I knew I needed to be outdoors, but I knew I needed the day to be gentle, full of JOY and LIGHT, and not overwhelming. To do something physically overwhelming, for me, would simply fuel the feelings of inadequacy instead of feeding my soul. We snow shoed for about 40 minutes to a nice spot for lunch. My husband was feeling more ambitious than I was, so he hiked a little further while I basked in the SUN and the JOY of the snow topped mountain view. By the time the day was over, my mental fog was gone and I was willing to get back to whatever the next day held for me.

We all need to be honest with ourselves regarding what our needs are and what balancing techniques we need to employ to make sure we are healthy…Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually. To focus only on one aspect of ourselves is to neglect Who We Truly Are. We are here on Mother Earth to experience ourselves Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually. Thus, we must remember to feed all of these parts of ourselves, daily. We will be more healed when we do this. When we are in balance, we will cure what ails us.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Is it wise to avoid the cliff, fiscal or otherwise?

Happy New Year to ONE and ALL! I am very excited for 2013 to begin. I have written my list for what I am grateful in 2012 and written my list of intentions for 2013. My husband and our daughters, when they were at home, have performed this ritual ever since Kris Duffy, friend and teacher, suggested it for New Year’s Eve 2004. I enjoy reading the former missives and I am always happy to see that, even as hard on myself as I am, I have made real progress over the last decade…even over the last year.

In 2012, we moved from St. Augustine, FL to Fort Collins, CO. I took I AM CREATOR™ teacher training and taught the classes in Fort Collins and in Claymont, DE, in 2012. As a family we have had reunions with both Pat’s family and with mine. We have truly been blessed and we are grateful.

I am anticipating and setting my intention that many more professional and personal gains will be accomplished in 2013 for me and my family. We set our intentions to do the best that we can, to forgive ourselves when we fall a little short on doing our best and then we will re-set our intentions to do our best, again. This is a formula which will work quite nicely.

However, when blocks form in front of the intentions to do my best, I must remind myself that I can either deal with the block now, when it is as small as it can be, or I can ignore the block for another day, another two months or another year. The problem with ignoring the situation is that it might alleviate the pain in the immediate days, but it will only compound the issues that need to be taken care of when I finally find the gumption to tackle the issue.

Many of us, from the individual, to the family, to the nation, to the global community as a whole, have the attitude of treating problems by “kicking the can down the road”. At best, this is a short-term fix. At its worst, it makes the problem bigger, reduces our confidence in our ability to handle the issue and makes compromising in the future seem even more dramatic…like a bigger loss of our power. It also requires us to justify all of our intermediary steps in ways that would not be necessary if we just picked the can up now!

My intention for myself for 2013 is to deal with my issues as quickly as I realize I have them. My intention for you is to help hold the space for the wisdom and the strength for you to deal with your issues as quickly as possible in 2013, as well.

Let us be willing to face the cliff, realize it is time to deal with the issues now and safely find a way to avoid the brink.

Prosperity and Peace for ONE and ALL. Namaste.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How to Heal A Nation

Hi All,

Very excited to tell you that Bella Spark, a holistic magazine in Fort Collins has posted an article I wrote. Hope you find inspiration in it! Namaste.