Saturday, January 28, 2012

News From Eminent Reiki™

Greetings Dear Friends,

The Eminent Reiki™ Council (TERC) and The Reiki Masters are excited to announce a change to TERC. We would like to welcome Mary Katherine Frizzell as a TERC member starting January, 2012. Mary Katherine lives and practices her healing arts in Delaware. She is a gifted healer and we welcome her talents, experience and energy to TERC.

At the same time, we want to thank Maria Bonett for her dedication and guidance as a Member of TERC in 2011. Maria will continue to be an Eminent Reiki™ Master Teacher / Healer and host Eminent Reiki™ circles in the Fort Collins, CO area. We will miss her unique perspective and humor on the council!

Please feel free to forward this announcement to your friends, clients and colleagues.
May you expand your Reiki energy and your light during 2012 and beyond.


The Eminent Reiki™ Council

Mary Katherine Frizzell

Martha Moore

Lori Rock