Thursday, December 12, 2013

Is Your Compass True?

While we were living in Florida, my husband and I took a navigation class for scuba diving. It happened to be a hot day and the lake water was 85 – 90 degrees. It was so warm, we didn’t even need to bother with wrestling into a wet suit! The point of the class was to hone our ability to tell where we were while underwater and in murky water. We were to rely on our compass. We had very specific coordinates that we were to follow in an underwater scavenger hunt.
We realized that even swimming slightly off…just a degree or two…or allowing a slight current to push you off the coordinates made a huge difference at the end of 30 yard swim. This, of course, was compounded when at the end of the 30 yards, we were to turn and follow another set of coordinates. I hate to admit it, but we never did find the last “land mark” we were supposed to find.

However,  as a good metaphysician, I know that sometimes the “mis-creations” actually teach you the lesson faster and more indelibly! 

Not only did we learn the value of plotting and staying the course, as directed by guidance, but we learned that you need to know if your guidance is accurate; is your compass truly pointing North? We experienced this when we determined that my husband’s new compass did not point true North! It was off by 20 degrees. This made a huge difference even in the relatively small and enclosed structure of a lake. We can only imagine how far off course we could become in the ocean where there are not as many “land marks” and the time element is longer.  

This showed us the importance of knowing that we are clearly connected to our own God-Self / Soul  when determining if the guidance we are perceiving is accurate. Once we know that our compass is true, then we need to monitor that we are on track with the coordinates we have been given by guidance and monitor that the highest plan hasn’t changed. Making course corrections as soon as we realize we have swum a little bit too far to the east means the corrections are smaller and get us back on plan faster. And if for some reason, the plan has changed all together…maybe something in the water needs to be avoided…then the faster we tap into the new plan, the faster we will make the necessary adjustments to our position. 

What a great day of scuba diving to learn to use our compass to monitor our position, keep us from getting lost and helping us to reach our destination with ease and time for enjoying the scenery.
What a lovely way to learn to ensure that your compass is true!


Monday, October 28, 2013

Why Wouldn’t You Ask Guidance, If You Could?

In the I AM CREATOR™ Class -  Part 2, we teach how to channel to your Higher-Self / Soul by getting into a meditative state. We practice the meditation at the end of the class to start to trust the answers we get when we communicate with our Souls. We always start with easy questions that we hope the lower-self / ego won’t feel are threatening. This allows us to start to feel when we are connected and to trust that connection. The more we practice being in communication with our Higher-Self / Soul, the more we can tell when we aren’t clearly connected. It is equally important to know when we aren’t in clear communication with our Higher-Self / Soul, as it is to know when we are.

Since we start with small questions, i.e. what is in the highest plan for me to have for dinner tonight, or what color is in the highest plan for me to wear tomorrow, some students think that these questions are just for this class and are not questions we would recommend them asking on a daily basis. I have heard (and thought myself, on occasion) does my Soul really care or have an opinion on what I eat / on what I wear? The answer is maybe / maybe not. Maybe there is a range of foods or range of options on any question that might be in the highest plan. We suggest that you ask the question with the preface of “what is in the highest plan” because there may be many good options, but may only be one that is in the highest plan. And it is possible that we won’t know until later or possibly ever know why something was in the highest plan one day but not in the highest plan the next day.

The example I like to use here is that by checking with guidance (our Higher-Self / Soul) on a daily basis, as what is in the highest plan to eat for breakfast, you might know when to just drink juice and when to have a more hardy breakfast. Maybe on the day that you are guided to have a more hardy breakfast, you can’t anticipate that your morning meetings are going to run long and you need the extra food to help you stay focused until you are able to have lunch. From your Soul’s perceptive, the highest plan may be as simple as tapping into what is going to make you the most comfortable as you go through your day. But, in the end, having you be more comfortable, less hungry, more awake, will make you more productive and allow you to leave work earlier and have plenty of energy to meditate or read an interesting book or spend time in nature. All of these resulting activities may be in your highest plan, but if the day doesn’t go well, you may not have the energy to check-in as to what is in the highest plan, next.

The above situation is an example of taking the answer to the simple question like “what is in the highest plan for me to eat for breakfast” and seeing it to its potential logical conclusion as to why it is in the highest plan. However, there are many times when we ask a question and have no logical reason to back up the answer we get. If we know we are connected and in clear communication, we need to trust that the answer we receive is in the highest plan. Again, that is why we start with smaller questions and build up our trust in the line of communication. We also recommend for people to ask the question several different ways to make sure we are not fooling ourselves with clever language, which is why we also teach that the quality of the answer is tied to the quality of the question!

Finally, I was teaching IAC Part 2 a couple weeks ago. We got to the meditation and then the recommendation afterward that the students start to practice checking with guidance on all types of questions whether in the meditation chair or not. We suggest that you start to ask which type of bread to buy at the store, what type of milk or even which of the packages of chicken is the one to buy. Before I could explain why, one of the students, Amber Highberger had an "Ah Ha" moment and said…”well, why wouldn’t you ask? If you know how to communicate with your Soul, why wouldn’t you ask for the highest plan on every decision?” Why indeed wouldn’t you? What a brilliant reminder that you are your Soul. You aren’t asking for permission from someone outside of you to have an extra helping or is this sushi good for me today? You are asking yourself as to what will further you along your path in the easiest and most gentle way. So – why wouldn’t you ask for guidance on every decision you make? The more you practice, the more it will become an easy communication route and won’t take any extra time than just having thoughts!

Practice your connection to your Self and ask for what is in the highest plan, today. You will be glad you did!


Monday, September 2, 2013

Heal Ourselves - Help Heal the World!

One of the things I love about writing these blog entries and teaching classes is being able to help people see the silver lining in issues that confront them and our world. Today’s topic has been harder for me to deal with personally, but is no less an issue that we should address.

When I look around at what is happening in the world, especially the Middle East, I sometimes wonder what I can do about it and if what I do about it helps. I have been working with these issues for the last week.

Many days, I wake up at 5 AM knowing that I am supposed to spend the next timeframe…minutes to an hour…to help heal the issues inside me which are reflected in the world around me…especially, the Middle East. I have been working to bring Peace to myself (True Peace…not just a personal version of a cease fire or a new boundary to keep others at bay…but True Peace). I have been working to bring Love, Wisdom and Power (True Power…not power over another) to myself. And of course, filling with Harmony, Cooperation, Unity and Oneness, too, as well as a few more qualities necessary to really create a reality that is more light filled and less fearful.

I was amazed that the quality that was the hardest to breathe in was Gratitude. It made no sense to me mentally, as to why filling with Peace, Power and Oneness was easier than Gratitude. I continued to explore this question until I realized that as much as I knew that I was responsible for my own experiences…and therefore could work to change my experiences if I didn’t like what I was creating…I was not grateful for this responsibility. I wanted something outside of me to wave the magic wand and create what I want to see in the world, but didn’t want to take the responsibility to do it myself. Once I realized this, I was able to bring in True Responsibility and True Gratitude for myself. I am now, again, grateful to know that I can change what I don’t like within myself (although sometimes this does take a little longer than I would like…and/or I just need to figure out what else might be blocking me from making the changes) and that by changing myself, I can also hold the intention that I am part of the solution to change these same issues in the world situations.

If the world situations do not appear to be changed with healing myself and setting my intentions to help heal the world, I need to remember a few other general principles.

First, all others on the earth have as much right to not change themselves to be more light filled, as I have to change myself.

Second, it is not my place to judge others in what they believe to be their options for themselves, and depending on their current role, for those they lead.

Third, my love for each and all is not based on whether they agree with me or whether they are able to change based on me sending them Love, Light and Peace.

Finally, my hope for each and all, is that regardless of what they might have believed to be their only options just a week or day ago, that my love will help them see a more peaceful, more light filled option today, next week, next month or next year.

What is your hope and intention for yourself and the world for this week?

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Focus on the Water, Not the Rock!

My husband, Pat, and I just had a wonderful 6 day white water rafting trip down the middle fork of the Salmon River in Idaho with Idaho River Adventures. The scenery is beautiful and wild. The staff was top notch and the other guests were unique, wonderful and full of life. It will definitely be a trip I won’t forget. As the Idaho River Adventures motto proclaims in Latin, “In the River is Truth”. I wanted to share a few pieces of truth I found on the river.

Truth #1 - No judgment where we are in the flotilla.

Our trip had a sweep boat that is basically the baggage carrier for the trip. It goes ahead of the rafts and two of the boatmen have the basics of camp set up before the guests arrive. Tents up, groover up (the porta pottie), etc.

Then, the flotilla consisted of four rafts and one paddle boat. The boatmen switch off captaining the paddle boat and rowing the rafts. One raft is always designated the safety boat and this boat is generally supposed to be the last boat in the flotilla. This makes sense as you want the boat caring the first aid kit and safety gear to be behind if any of the other boats have any trouble. Every once in a while, a boat would get out of position and the safety boat would pass it and then need to slow down to let the others go by again. There was no judgment on the part of the person rowing the safety boat as to being last or to having to slow down, etc. It was in the highest good of all for the safety boat to bring up the rear.

That was a piece of truth for me to remember when I get frustrated that I am not moving fast enough, or that I am in the “wrong” line at the grocery store. Looking at these situations from the perspective that we are all on the same team and that the goal of “making it to camp safely as a whole complete group” is what we are striving for, then the frustration level goes down and instead, you simply enjoy where you are and look at the scenery until everyone else is in position…flowing down the river, again.

Truth #2 - Cooperation

The biggest rule of healthy fun time on the river is cooperation. It was wonderful to see cooperation between people that until the first morning were more worried about cell phone coverage (which there isn’t) than helping a complete stranger to carry her pack, to bandage his wound or to help alleviate a sun induced migraine. Everyone was made to feel valuable and worthy. We all shared games, wisdom, sunscreen, song and wine. Everyone contributed based on their talents and proclivities. I would love to see more of this microcosmic group interaction in our macrocosmic family of humanity. Perhaps those of us on the trip will be able to hold this feeling of cooperation close to our hearts long enough to show it to others around us once we are back in our everyday lives.

Truth #3 – Focus on the Water, Not the Rock

There was one point in the trip where we were in a good place for it to be safe for a guest to try her hand at rowing the raft. The guest, Heidi, was doing a good job and the boatman, Scotty, was giving her some pointers. There was a decent sized rock coming up that Heidi was going to need to navigate around. The wisdom from Scotty was that the reason so many people hit the rock is because, instead of focusing where the boatman wants the boat to go, they focus on the rock. Definitely Truth #3. Energy follows intention! How sage is that? Most of us focus on what we don’t want to create instead of focusing on the true goal. Let us learn this wisdom from the river…focus on the water, not the rock!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Fourth of July - Courage of Our Convictions

A friend of mine recently relayed a story from her senior year of high school during the Vietnam War. Her English teacher was concerned that a group of students were apathetic to the political issues of the day. She asked the students, “what do you care enough about that you would go to jail for it? “

As the Fourth of July celebrations approach, we may want to remember “the reason for the season”. It was precisely that our forbearers believed in the possibilities of self determination (at the national level) and the rights of the individuals and states that they were willing to risk not just jail, but death for what they believed. I will grant that our forbearers may have embraced freedom but didn’t fully enact freedom, even with the Bill of Rights, since some humans weren’t considered fully human. But it was a step in the right direction and still is.

The question for July 4, 2013 is, as individuals, have we become complacent about what we are willing to stand for? I believe I have.

I was 5 years old when my father came back from the Vietnam conflict. Later, when I was in high school, I remember thinking that I was glad I was so young during the war, because I am not sure where I would have fallen on the ideological spectrum or the action spectrum. I am not sure I would have had the fortitude to demonstrate against the war had that been my beliefs. I am not sure I would have had the courage of my convictions. I wonder if I have the courage to stand up for what I believe, even now. Will standing up be an inconvenience?  Will it threaten my livelihood?  Will it threaten my freedom?

On second thought, maybe I do have the courage of my convictions. What I believe in and strive for are the freedoms that come to me not based on the country of birth, on my gender, race, marital status or other factors. The freedoms I aim for are based on the essence of who I am, not as a citizen of the United States, but as a Being holding Divine Truths as self evident: True Love, True Wisdom, True Power, True Gratitude, and True Grace, to name a few. These are the truths that I can hold and experience no matter where I live, no matter who I love and no matter with whom I communicate. To switch John Kennedy’s words, ask not what your country can do for you….instead ask what do you want to believe, feel and experience regardless of what your county can do for you.

I work for the day I feel True Freedom regardless of any protections which might or might not be afforded me based on my country. I strive for the day I feel True Security regardless of any collection of my data or cameras that know where and who I am. Little by little, I grow as a Being with an inner light that will be the beacon and the hope for others to know that they too can experience the peace and ease that comes from not feeling fear from anyone, anything or any government regardless of whether I avail myself of any of the principles in the Constitution. The day I can do this…is truly my Independence Day. How will you feel on your True Independence Day?

Friday, May 31, 2013

The Reality of the Illusion becomes more Real

I am not sure how all of you are feeling about the news (local, national and international) as well as the arts and entertainment fields, but if you are feeling anything similar to how I feel, I believe I am stuck in a “Theatre of the Absurd” play. Fewer and fewer programs I watch on TV or articles I read in the paper feel like they are actually happening. More and more they feel like they are being broadcast in order to keep me occupied from seeing what is really going on in the world; which is the realization that all is an illusion.

I seemed to be impressed that news anchors and politicians can actually say what they are saying without laughing or giving a conspiratorial wink, to let us know that we are viewing something ironic. I actually think many of them are still speaking the party lines and believe, to some extent or the other, what they are saying. But, more often than not, I have started to feel like the female character in “V for Vendetta”, Evey, who comments that she can tell when the reporters know the story they are reporting is false based on how often the reporter blinks.

As for the entertainment side of the house, most of the movies I have been drawn to watch recently, also follow the theme of questioning history or offering an alternative view of what we know as history. Whether it is “Abraham Lincoln, The Vampire Hunter” (alternate reason for US Civil war) or “Anonymous” (about the possibility that William Shakespeare did not actually write the plays that have come down to us as having been written by Shakespeare) or a whole collection of books / movies set in a despotic “future” (from when they were written…some of those dates having since past … 1984, Brave New World or V for Vendetta, itself.) have made me re-think aspects of what I view NOW with a more willingness to question what I am seeing or hearing NOW.

I believe that is all we have ever been asked to do, philosophically, to question what we hear and see as to whether this is true for us now, was it ever true for us and to hold the possibility that what we see as true now, through our own inquisitiveness and evolution, might become a belief of the past allowing for a more up-to-date version of The Truth to be felt.

Let us be willing to open our hearts and minds to the possibilities that what we see and hear is a veneer and be willing to dig a little deeper, to go to our ultimate Source…our own Guidance, our own God-self to determine what is true for us and what actions (if any) we should take with this new understanding; the new understanding of The Illusion.

Friday, May 3, 2013

New Class Schedule for the summer and fall for I AM CREATOR™

Go to for more details

I AM CREATOR™: 4th & 5th Dimensional Procedures for Experiencing Oneself as God is a 6-Part series channeled from The Christ as a how-to program for contemporary man to achieve Full God-Consciousness in which The Christ emphasizes “Universal Truth” as separated from dogma. As humanity raises its frequency, new and higher levels of understanding of the Universal Truths and working with the energies are necessary. Learn how to channel by clearly connecting to one’s God-Self for guidance, 4th & 5th dimensional techniques for clearing and manifesting one’s Life Vision, and the steps to becoming a Full Living Master and the true experience of oneself as The God/Goddess All That Is.

A Few Words from Others: “For many years I have been working to find more meaning in my life and to heal past issues. Using the IAC techniques and tools has been a powerful way to access my personal guidance and identify solutions. I really like the fact that this program shows me how to look at my own life, rather than giving me a “one-size fits all” spiritual answer that tells me what I should do or believe. I highly recommend these courses to anyone who wants to create more joy and ease in his/her life.” Vivian, Boulder, CO

All workshops must be taken in consecutive order.
However, all classes do not have to be taken in the same session.

For classes in Fort Collins, CO contact Lori at 970-472-2029
For classes in Louisville, CO contact Martha at 720-304-3700

Part I: Foundation for Ascension. Learn the founding principles that will take one to Ascension no matter what program one chooses to follow. Unity and Oneness are for all. 10 a.m.-4 p.m., $60.
Next Series: June 1
Future Series: July 27

Part II: Channeling – Connecting to your Higher Self/Soul. There is NO higher source of guidance than your own Higher Self/Soul/God/Goddess Within. Learn how to connect and, most importantly, how to validate the information. This IS the true road to Mastery. 10 a.m.-4 p.m., $60.
Next Series: June 2
Future Series: July 28

Part III: Manifesting – How to Create Your Soul’s Vision. The energies of December 16, 1994 have changed the process by which humankind can bring their Souls’ desires into form. Learn the 5th dimensional process of manifesting and move more quickly into creating your Soul’s vision.
10 a.m.-5 p.m., $70.
Next Series: June 15
Future Series: August 10

Part IV: Clearing Part 1 – Understanding the Clearing Process. Human evolution could be defined as the process of releasing beliefs in limitation and fears of separation. These false beliefs and discordant emotions are the #2 cause for failure to manifest your Soul’s desire. 10 a.m.-5 p.m., $70.
Next Series: June 16
Future Series: August 11

Part V: Clearing Part 2 – Tools and Techniques for Clearing. Learn and practice 4th and 5th dimensional techniques to transform and transmute conscious and subconscious blocks to experiencing yourself as God. 10 a.m.-5 p.m., $70.
Next Series: June 29
Future Series: August 24

Part VI: Receiving Your Soul’s Vision. You cannot manifest without a clear vision. Learn to align with your Higher Self/Soul to receive your Soul’s vision/goal (versus your Ego-Self’s vision) in any area of your life. This is THE #1 cause for failure to manifest. 10 a.m.-5 p.m., $70.
Next Series: June 30
Future Series: August 25

New Summer Class Schedule for EMINENT REIKI™

New Summer Class Schedule for EMINENT REIKI™ in Colorado

For more information go to

Eminent Reiki™ I. July 20. 10:00-6 p.m.; $100. Register by July 13. Contact Lori at 970-472-2029 in Fort Collins and Martha at 720-304-3700 in Louisville.

Eminent Reiki™ II. August 17. 10:00-6 p.m.; $150. Register by August 10. Contact Lori at 970-472-2029 in Fort Collins and Martha at 720-304-3700 in Louisville.

Advanced Reiki Healing Techniques. Techniques and procedures for increasing Reiki Mastery. Prerequisite: Eminent Reiki™ I and II. Sept 7. 1-6:00 p.m., $100. Register by August 31. Contact Lori at 970-472-2029 in Fort Collins and Martha at 720-304-3700 in Louisville.

Eminent Reiki™ III. Oct 5. 10:00-6 p.m.; $200. Register by Sept 28. Contact Lori at 970-472-2029 in Fort Collins and Martha at 720-304-3700 in Louisville.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Did Dr. Doolittle Really Talk to the Animals?

We all know the beloved children’s story about Dr. Doolittle. We might have wondered if he really talked to the animals, but more intriguing to me is if he did, how did he do it!

In the I AM CREATOR™ program, we teach a class on learning to channel. The main purpose of channeling is to be in full and clear communication with our Higher Self / Soul, with our God-Self. We teach that through this channeling to our Higher Self/Soul we can seek the Guidance for all our actions. This should be the main focus for our channeling. However, we also teach that through the connection to our Higher Self / Soul we can connect to any other consciousness in the universe. Since we are all a part of the universe, there is no wisdom in the universe that is beyond our grasp if we are in clear communication and do not have any blocks to receiving the wisdom. Sometimes, I even forget how easy and powerful this technique is, but a few weeks ago, two different situations helped me remember.

My husband and I were trying to decide whether it was appropriate and time to have two trees in our front yard taken down. I decided that the best way to know if it was appropriate was to tap into the energy of the trees and ask them themselves. I was surprised by the answers. One tree was 90% dead with much of its bark already off. The other was not nearly as far gone, but was growing at a slant to the point that some of the tree removal people thought its root structure may not support it for long. The answer I received from both trees was fascinating. They both felt like they had lived good lives and didn’t see their removal as affecting the essence of who they were. Their comment…and I may be paraphrasing here…was “we will still be who we are even when we are firewood.” WOW – that is a lot of wisdom coming from the trees.

Then, we had a situation with our new Jeep. Its electrical system went out totally. It was to the point that it looked like the battery wasn’t even in the car, even though tests showed that the battery was operating at 80% capacity or more. “Sahara”, as we call her, had to be towed to the dealership. I decided to use the same technique and tap into Sahara’s essence to see how she felt at the dealership. Again, I was surprised that the energy I felt was fear. Delving a little more into the fear, I realized that Sahara was worried that if she wasn’t fixed properly, if she wasn’t perfect, she would be rejected. Again, what wonderful insight on feeling rejected that can be applied in our own lives coming from my Jeep.

I sent Love and Light to Sahara to ease her fears and thank her for her past service and for her future service. And today, when the people were here to take down the trees and put the really big pieces in our backyard for splitting into firewood, I sent Love, Light and Gratitude to the two trees whose energy will now be used in a different way.

I am thankful for All of God’s Creations and am thankful for the ability to tap into the energy to understand each and all’s wisdom and needs.

So don’t be afraid to try talking to the trees or the animals. It might be your most interesting conversation of the day.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Curing What Ails You

I have a vision of all that I am capable of “getting done” this winter and spring, as part of my service to Mother Earth and Humanity and as part of my spiritual growth. The vision I see is huge and, at times, feels overwhelming. It makes me think that I couldn’t possibly accomplish all of these “miracles” without ever doing anything outside of these visions…writing a book, editing a book for a friend, teaching two different class series and facilitating private clients, just to name a few of the goals.

However, one of the things we teach in the I AM CREATOR™ series is that there must be an equal balance between ourselves, our service, and our family and friends. There are always times when we might be a little out of balance here and there…but over the course of a week or a month, it is important to bring ourselves back into balance. It is important for our own healing, but it is important for our interactions with others. It always goes back to the idea that we have heard so many times at the beginning of an airline flight. “You must put your oxygen mask on first before you help someone else with his/her mask.” You are of MORE assistance to yourself, your friends and family, and your world, if you first take care of you.

There will be times when you have a free day and you think…wow, I can really get in some concentrated time meditating and working on my own internal issues. And there are times when you are stuck and in a funk that spending that whole day working on internal issues are just going to frustrate you more because what is really in the highest good for you is for you to remember the JOY and the LIGHT that you already are. On days like this, you will hone the saw more effectively by taking the pressure off of yourself and EXPERIENCING the JOY of WHO YOU TRULY ARE…ALREADY.

I encourage you to do this in whatever way brings you the most joy; whatever way will cure what ails you; whatever way will clear your head!

For me, recently, I was frustrated that some of my goals were not coming into fruition as easily as I thought they should. I mean…I know all the tricks of the trade to manifest my soul’s desire for me. And yet, not only were things taking longer than I thought they should, but I wasn’t feeling well, either. But, instead of beating myself up that I needed more meditation and more time looking at the issues to try to find the exact root cause I needed to clear to make the goals come into form…I was guided to take the day to spend in nature. Go snowshoeing in Northern Colorado. So – my husband and I drove to Cameron Pass which is at 10,000 feet elevation. Based on everything going on with me, I knew I needed to be outdoors, but I knew I needed the day to be gentle, full of JOY and LIGHT, and not overwhelming. To do something physically overwhelming, for me, would simply fuel the feelings of inadequacy instead of feeding my soul. We snow shoed for about 40 minutes to a nice spot for lunch. My husband was feeling more ambitious than I was, so he hiked a little further while I basked in the SUN and the JOY of the snow topped mountain view. By the time the day was over, my mental fog was gone and I was willing to get back to whatever the next day held for me.

We all need to be honest with ourselves regarding what our needs are and what balancing techniques we need to employ to make sure we are healthy…Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually. To focus only on one aspect of ourselves is to neglect Who We Truly Are. We are here on Mother Earth to experience ourselves Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually. Thus, we must remember to feed all of these parts of ourselves, daily. We will be more healed when we do this. When we are in balance, we will cure what ails us.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Is it wise to avoid the cliff, fiscal or otherwise?

Happy New Year to ONE and ALL! I am very excited for 2013 to begin. I have written my list for what I am grateful in 2012 and written my list of intentions for 2013. My husband and our daughters, when they were at home, have performed this ritual ever since Kris Duffy, friend and teacher, suggested it for New Year’s Eve 2004. I enjoy reading the former missives and I am always happy to see that, even as hard on myself as I am, I have made real progress over the last decade…even over the last year.

In 2012, we moved from St. Augustine, FL to Fort Collins, CO. I took I AM CREATOR™ teacher training and taught the classes in Fort Collins and in Claymont, DE, in 2012. As a family we have had reunions with both Pat’s family and with mine. We have truly been blessed and we are grateful.

I am anticipating and setting my intention that many more professional and personal gains will be accomplished in 2013 for me and my family. We set our intentions to do the best that we can, to forgive ourselves when we fall a little short on doing our best and then we will re-set our intentions to do our best, again. This is a formula which will work quite nicely.

However, when blocks form in front of the intentions to do my best, I must remind myself that I can either deal with the block now, when it is as small as it can be, or I can ignore the block for another day, another two months or another year. The problem with ignoring the situation is that it might alleviate the pain in the immediate days, but it will only compound the issues that need to be taken care of when I finally find the gumption to tackle the issue.

Many of us, from the individual, to the family, to the nation, to the global community as a whole, have the attitude of treating problems by “kicking the can down the road”. At best, this is a short-term fix. At its worst, it makes the problem bigger, reduces our confidence in our ability to handle the issue and makes compromising in the future seem even more dramatic…like a bigger loss of our power. It also requires us to justify all of our intermediary steps in ways that would not be necessary if we just picked the can up now!

My intention for myself for 2013 is to deal with my issues as quickly as I realize I have them. My intention for you is to help hold the space for the wisdom and the strength for you to deal with your issues as quickly as possible in 2013, as well.

Let us be willing to face the cliff, realize it is time to deal with the issues now and safely find a way to avoid the brink.

Prosperity and Peace for ONE and ALL. Namaste.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How to Heal A Nation

Hi All,

Very excited to tell you that Bella Spark, a holistic magazine in Fort Collins has posted an article I wrote. Hope you find inspiration in it! Namaste.