Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Become of Fan of the only game in town

Every Autumn we hear the rallying calls of high school, college and professional teams….”Are You Ready For Some Football?” I saw a show recently that said the reason Americans get away with having NFL games on Sunday afternoons is that Football is a religion in the US. I am not suggesting we all become apostates from this national fervor, but I am hoping to hearken us back to the original turf for these Astroturf games; Mother Earth.

This autumn, we will see a plethora of venues to discuss debate and determine a way forward for us, the children of Mother Earth, to honor and respect all that she provides us.

These gatherings are as grandiose as the United Nations Summit on Climate Change that occurred in New York, yesterday (Sept 22, 2009), to the G20 Countries conferences in Pittsburg, PA, today and tomorrow, to the well publicized and lauded last-best-hope for the planet at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, held Dec 7 – 18, 2009.

If your ticket to these conferences has gotten lost in the mail, as I am sure mine has, I invite you to do something as meaningful for the game as being one of the players; be one of the fans. You can be one of the fans by attending more local gatherings like the Green Festival in the DC area Oct 10 / 11 (, finding more energy friendly pursuits or simply spending more time enjoying the great outdoors. These are just a few ways to show you are a fan of Mother Earth.

For me, however, I want to invite you to the ultimate tail gate party for Mother Earth that doesn’t require a cooler full of beer, sleeping in the parking lot the night before the game or a funny hat. Whether you set intentions, goals, practice a healing modality or pray, I am inviting you to keep Mother Earth in your thoughts at least once a day every day of the Fall Season 2009.

Our encouragement will let all know that we are in this game no matter how many wardrobe malfunctions we have to over come and no matter how many overtimes we must cheer. We can be the fans whose encouragement the world leaders need to know they will be welcomed back home with the preverbal ticker tape parade. We are fans because, truly, losing is not an option. And with the greatest fans in the world, Mother Earth won’t lose.