Sunday, April 6, 2014

As Long As We Can See the Car, We Aren't Lost

My husband, Pat, and I were snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park last week. It was a stunningly beautiful day; sunny and in the 30s. We were snow shoeing around the Bear, Nymph and Emerald Lakes area (for my Colorado readers.) Each of these lakes are progressively higher on the mountain. As you are hiking to Emerald you can see Bear Lake and Nymph Lake over your shoulder.

The snow pack was sufficiently high that you could not see any trail markers that would be visible during the summer and fall. There was a lot of conversations between the different groups of “snow shoers” trying to determine which way the trail went. There were an equal number of incorrect paths taken, including the one we took, which was actually fun because it was such a beautiful day and it felt more adventuresome to be your own trail blazer. This is discouraged during the summer and fall due to erosion and damage to the vegetation, but probably not so bad when you are walking on three feet of snow. We were even able to walk on the lakes, which gives new meaning to “walking on water”!

While we were high enough to see the other lakes over our shoulders, we could also see the Bear Lake Parking Lot. I overheard one of the groups of “shoers” talking about not knowing where the trail was. The woman said that she was concerned about not being able to find the way back down. Her partner said – “well, if we can see the car, we can’t be lost”.

This conversation made me smile. I love hearing metaphysical messages in ways like this. Of course, for me, the message is: If we know what the end game is, if we know we eventually all make it Home, then we really need to try to enjoy the journey and the adventure in the meantime.

Sure, there are plenty of things that could go wrong for any group of hikers: sudden change in weather, avalanches and no longer seeing the parking lot once you get down in the thick of the trees.  You truly could get off the path, get lost and not see a way back to it, but focusing more on the end game and becoming more confident that the parking lot is going to be there, will make the experience more enjoyable.  Focus on the ultimate goal of getting Home and make the adventure of being here on Mother Earth that much sweeter.