Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energy: Balancing Who We Truly Are

Is there are war between the sexes in our society?

Many in our world believe that there is a war between men and women. Many look to a glass ceiling or the gap between pay for jobs traditionally held by women v. jobs traditionally held by men to support this supposition. There has even been a resurgence of discussion regarding whether women who do not work outside the home are truly working, although this has been motivated partially by politics.


Most are failing to realize that the so-called war between the sexes is not really about men v. women or the value of male jobs v. female jobs, or even male workers v. female workers. Those are just the outer world reflections of what is going on within each of us. It is really about the struggle we all have to balance the male and female aspects within ourselves.


All of Creation is meant to be in balance between the male attributes and the female attributes. All of Creation requires both male and female attributes to be healthy, whole and to create. Even if you look at the act of conception and birth of human life, both the man and the woman each add to that co-creation in masculine and feminine ways.


One might look at the man’s contribution, the sperm, as being wholly masculine and the woman carrying the child as wholly female, but look closer. Before the man can contribute the sperm to the act of creation through ejaculation, he must first create, hold and nurture the sperm in his testicles. Holding and nurturing is a feminine act. The act of ejaculating is a masculine act. The man is both nurture oriented and action oriented.


Now look at the woman’s contribution. The woman receives the sperm and combines it with the egg in fertilization. She holds and nurtures the baby for nine months. Then, in a very masculine and action oriented way, she births the baby in what many consider the most womanly action she can take. The sequence of giving birth is 100% action packed and there are millions of home videos that will attest to this.


It is time to recognize that we all have masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves and it is definitely time to bring them back into balance.


In western societies, both men and women have been out of equilibrium with respect to their feminine and masculine attributes for millennium. Most of us have been swinging too far to the masculine side and are constantly in the “doing” mode v. the “being” mode. In our society, we believe that “doing” and “accomplishing” are more important than “being” and “receiving”. That masculine attributes are more valuable than feminine attributes. That isn’t so. They are equally valuable and necessary.


When I was in Corporate America (and Corporate Europe, for that matter) I was a project manager. I don’t believe anyone, me included, would have called for a project to have the masculine and feminine aspects in balance. That would not have been the terms we used. What we would have expected was for a project to be both efficient and effective. Those words are different labels for feminine and masculine.


Efficiency is the corporate word to describe Divine Feminine Energy. The Divine Feminine Energy informs the vision, informs the end state, and informs the level of the plan for which one is striving. Effectiveness is the word to describe Divine Masculine Energy. Divine Masculine Energy informs the action steps and whether they are taken and finished in a timely manner.


If you have too much feminine energy without the balance of masculine energy, you have a wonderful plan, a beautiful vision, but you get nothing done. If you have too much masculine energy without the balance of feminine energy, you are unguided munitions. We have all heard the old saying, “I am lost, but I am making good time.” This is too much masculine action without the balance of the feminine vision.


We need to realize that to come back into balance, to be able to create all that our souls’ desire for us and to remember who we truly are, we need both an efficient plan and an effect execution of that plan. We need to balance the Divine Feminine Energy and the Divine Masculine Energy to remember who we truly are.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Belief in the Highest Plan; Belief in Myself

I am very excited about the opportunity to lead a retreat for the STANDING IN THE LIGHT® program at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, CO, in March next year. Sunrise Ranch is a wonderful location with great energy and charm. I met with the woman in charge of retreats at Sunrise Ranch today and we have agreed on a plan for a great retreat.

Driving home with the roof off the jeep through the Horsetooth reservoir area on this fine autumn day, it seemed appropriate to come home and work some manifestation magic to kick the project off.

As I was filling with wonderful resonances to help create this plan, I started to feel resistance to whether I believed offering this program at Sunrise Ranch is the highest plan. Whenever I feel resistance coming up, I try to determine what the blocks are and why I feel resistance. I especially want to figure out why I have resistance to this if I believe I am following Guidance and this in the highest plan for me, the program and the potential students.

As I was checking on some of the possible blocks to manifesting this plan, I realized that I was starting to question whether this was truly the highest plan. I started to question whether the joint creation between my Soul and The Christ had gone astray. Had my Soul gone rogue? Had The Christ gone rogue? Of course, sitting in the silence, I could tell that neither my Soul nor The Christ had gone rogue, but I have been taught by my great teachers that you always have to start with questions like “Am I in alignment with my Guidance on this topic?” “Is my Guidance in alignment with the highest plan?” “Is the highest plan for this particular project still in flux or is the highest plan known to the best of the abilities that a fluid-in-the-now-co-creation-plan can be known?” I will admit that none of my teachers have suggested I ask “Have my Soul or The Christ gone rogue?” but that is the way the question came to me today!

The more I delved into what might be causing my resistance, I realized that it wasn’t my Soul or The Christ who had gone rogue, it was my lower self not believing what the highest plan is; my lower self not having faith in what the highest plan is. As I started to clear these blocks and started to fill with the higher frequencies of Divine Faith and Divine Belief to transmute the lack of faith and the lack of belief, I found what the real underlying block is. I have fear that I don’t have enough belief and enough faith in myself to be able to create what the highest plan is. Faith and belief in myself is definitely a requirement to manifest anything, any project. I immediately started to clear any blocks to having faith and belief in myself, clearing blocks to my own self-confidence and my own self-love.

Believing in myself will help create this wonderful opportunity at Sunrise Ranch, which I am confident, is in the highest plan. But, in this wonderful world we live in, manifesting the highest plan for me is really manifesting my own self-belief, self-confidence and self-love. That is the cake part of the highest plan. The program retreat at Sunrise Ranch is simply the tool my Guidance used to have me look at the topic of my lack of self-belief and faith. Manifesting the program retreat at Sunrise Ranch is the frosting.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Path to Peace is through Non Judgment

Conflict is everywhere we turn in our world. Some of it comes in the form of cultures which have been fighting each other for a millennia or two. Other conflicts are between one race and another. Other conflicts are between socio-economic strata. And some are closer to home between family members and neighbors. No matter how big the conflict is, many of the parties involved, as well as the wider audience of observers, speak of wanting peace. The sides might even ask for cease fires or curfews or self-determined restraint to stop the conflict. Many of these solutions are merely short-term because although the conflict or violence needs to be resolved, what truly needs to be resolved is what is causing the conflict which is the underlying judgment of each other.  If we had less judgment for each other, we would have less conflict.


I am not saying we have to agree with other people’s positions or actions. I definitely believe we all need to stand in the truth of who we are and in our “self-evident” and “unalienable rights”. But if we could seek to understand the others’ position, seek to understand what fears cause them to take action, seek to understand what they believe their limitations are and why they feel the need to lash out or act out, we might start to see these others as who they are; Parents, children, loved ones, human beings with whom we have at our hearts the same spark of universal energy and universal love that they have. No one, no matter whether you agree with them or not, is not made up of the same universal energy that you are. No one, no matter whether you are in conflict with them or not, is not made up of the same universal energy that makes up the Milky Way. No one, whether you believe it or not, is not made up of the Divine Energy that runs through every blade of grass, every molecule of air or star dust, that also runs through you.


Please don’t think I am being naïve regarding the strife we see or that I am advocating wearing rose colored glasses or blinders. It is through non judgment that we start to see the similarities between us instead of the differences. Through non judgment, we see how we can pull together for the greater good with the mosaic of different ideas and strengths. It is through non judgment that we help to raise the frequency of the situation even when others may not want to pull together for the greater good.


Seeing the issues and discerning what is the right course of action for each of us is different than judging the people or the situation. The old saying about hate begetting more hate applies to judgment, too. Judgment only attracts more judgment. Judgment does not attract understanding. What we need now is more non judgment, more understanding and more discernment for the actions that will actually help a situation instead of inflaming it.


We need to seek understanding and non-judgment of ourselves and within ourselves. The more we heal ourselves of the racism, the sexism, the discrimination based on religion or economic status, the self-hatred and loathing that we may feel in places we don’t want to recognize within ourselves, the more we will be non-judgmental and loving to those who are struggling with the same issues but might be out picturing them in different ways than we are.


Peace is attainable, but at its heart is non judgment.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Scuba Diving with Archangel Michael

As dive buddies go, Archangel Michael is a pretty cool buddy to have!  

I was in my 40’s before I learned to scuba dive. My husband, Pat, was 11 when he first learned to dive. I could use the excuse that I was raised mostly in Kansas and therefore scuba diving wasn’t the first sporting activity on our list of weekend recreation! Whereas Pat was raised in Florida where spring, gulf and ocean diving is common place. Finally, at the ripe old age of 43, I was guided in meditation that it was time to learn to dive, not so much for the joy of diving, which of course, would be the result of learning to scuba dive, but in order to get over the fear of diving.  

I have written in other blog posts some of the things I have learned diving, but I never told the story of Scuba Diving with Archangel Michael! 

Unbeknownst to me, I was very frightened of breathing underwater. The fear was raised in me even prior to the sessions in the pool with full gear. Just reading the book and sitting in the classroom sessions was making me nervous. It doesn’t help that the classroom work, which is very necessary, is all about how not to harm yourself under water either by running out of air, getting too much nitrogen in your body, not breathing consistently enough so that your lungs over expand with the change in air pressure in the lungs or coming up from depth to quickly and over expanding your lungs. These are all just in the beginners’ course instructions. They were frightening enough to not even mention the more advanced “fears” of getting snagged on something and not being able to free yourself or getting so loopy mentally at depth due to nitrogen narcosis that you start to make unwise decisions that you haven’t encountered since your partying days in college.  

The stress of taking the class was starting to affect me physically. But, I had heard it was the highest plan to get over these fears and take the class, so I did.  

Now comes the pool work. We were learning how to use our gear properly in a regular swimming pool. I am short, but even I could stand in the four foot water and know there was no way I could drown. But, drowning was all I could think about. I continued to work energetically to clear and heal the memories of drowning in prior lives and the reason I had drowned in those lives. It was helping and I knew intuitively and intellectually that recognizing these fears and clearing them would be the only way to get over them. But I was still nervous. 

Then comes the weekend of the open water dive, which means you are in a lake, quarry, ocean or sea, where you will demonstrate certain skills like being able to take off your mask under water and then put it back on, clear the water and continue the dive. You do the same taking the regulator out of your mouth and recover from that situation to simulate if someone accidentally kicks the regulator out of your mouth. Again, all of these skills are to prepare you to not be surprised or frightened by anything going amiss.    

I learned to dive in Northern Virginia where the open water dive was in a quarry that had 10 feet visibility. The conditions were not conducive to someone who is already fearful becoming less fearful. Not being able to see underwater only further increases the isolationism of the fear. Unless you scuba dive with Archangel Michael!  

My instructor’s name was Mike. If finally dawned on me to look at him and imagine that he was Archangel Michael. I would be lying to you if I said that I had a miraculous transformation that day because of feeling the legions of guardian angels diving with me, but it did help to abate my fears and slowed my panic breathing down to a much more reasonable rate. I was able to perform all the skills necessary to complete the course and even performed an “extra” one. I had been so nervous that I bit through one of the little pieces on the mouth piece of the regulator while I was at depth. This was right before we were supposed to practice the skill of “running out of air and having to ascend but not ascend too quickly” due to the over expansion of the lungs upon ascension. I had to decide…hmmm floating piece of plastic in my mouth as I ascend while breathing out or take the piece out at depth and purge the mouth piece of the water. Prudence called for taking the piece out at depth. I did that and all was good. 

I know having the comfort of knowing Archangel Michael was with me really helped me learn to scuba dive.

My husband and I have a scuba dive trip coming up soon. I was talking with Archangel Michael to see if He wanted to go! He said He was more than happy to go scuba diving with me, but that I didn’t need Him anymore. I am confident enough with Who I AM, that I would be just fine and totally enjoy the trip whether He was with me or not. So, instead of relying on Archangel Michael for my comfort and protection, I will simply thank Him for all His help in the past and raise a glass of Australian wine to Him and to my instructor, Mike. Thanks, Mike and Michael. Namaste. 


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Spoiler Alert!

Recently, I have watched two Sci-Fi movies where the protagonists’ memories are erased presumably for their own protection and so they wouldn’t worry about the ugliness that came as part of a global war or catastrophe. The two movies are the 2005 Michael Bay movie called The Island staring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson and the 2013 movie Oblivion starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman. The premise for both of the movies is that as long as you don’t question any of the thoughts that are encroaching on your dreams or your internal musings and just continue to live your life the way you believe you have always lived it, then you will get the reward of moving to a utopia of some sort.

Spoiler Alert – I am going to discuss some more of the plots so if you haven’t watched these yet…you know the drill!

In both the films, the societal structure the leading men find themselves in is very rigid and, although it manifests in different ways, are somewhat plentiful as long as you stay within the rules of the society.  The problem for both the leading men is that they start to remember things that would not be in their current reality. At a certain point neither are willing to take it on faith that the rules they are currently living by are the only possibilities for them. They are starting to remember who they truly are.

Both of these movies, while entertaining, are wonderful “seed plantings” for humanity to start to question the reality it finds itself in. Some people call this an awakening or that the veil between the “known” and “unknown” is becoming thinner. The Matrix series also had this as a theme, allowing us to explore the ideas of what if what we see in the outer world is the illusion and what we feel and understand on the inner world is our true reality.

There will be plenty of people who say that these films are just good story telling and interesting plot lines with the associated twists for the characters in order to sell tickets and DVDs. True. But what if, like good literature, we explore the ideas for ourselves and determine what is our own Truth? You don’t even need to take the exploration as far as I would – providing more fuel for my beliefs that we are all in a grand experiment. All I need to do is awaken from the illusion that I find myself in and follow my internal compass to rise above the experiences of limitations based on beliefs in retaliation and power over others. I want to use my internal wisdom to lift myself and hold the space for others to lift themselves out of the veil of uncertainty, shame, unworthiness and the false belief that we are separate from others and separate from The Divine.

For those for whom these ideas are a bridge too far, perhaps you might look to see where in your life you are acting like a clone of all those around you. Where are you not asking enough questions when you see the glitches in the program or when everything around you simply doesn’t reflect the truth you know to be inside you. This investigation might have you questioning the status quo and “same old same old” to come up with a better way forward, maybe even a more evolved way forward for you. Shake up the standard operating procedure to break out of the illusion of your melancholy or mediocrity. Break out of the illusion that it is ok to live in limitation now, because there is a promise of a utopia in the future. Raise your expectations now to open to the possibilities that the utopia isn’t in the future. Start to believe that you are capable of reaching the utopia of love for yourself and love for our fellow humans now. Don’t wait for a far off distant heaven, start to make steps to bring heaven here on earth now. Be willing to explore your internal world in order to bring more love and light to it and in turn to your outer experiences as well.

The real spoiler alert is that you don’t have to wait until the end of the movie to find the truth of who you are. You have known the plot twist and the character arc for you from the beginning of time. Recognize it. Own it. Remember Who You Are.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

STANDING IN THE LIGHT® Classes in Fort Collins and Louisville, CO in July

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Martha and I are teaching STANDING IN THE LIGHT® Classes in Fort Collins and Louisville, CO in July. For more information, check out our website at or email me at or Martha at


STANDING IN THE LIGHT® Classes in Media, PA in November 2014

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I will be teaching STANDING IN THE LIGHT® Level 1 Classes in Media, PA in November 2014. Parts 1 and 2 are on Nov 8 and 9. Parts 3 and 4 are on Nov 15 and 16. Want more information? Check out our website at or email me at


"Meet Lori" Video

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I have posted a video on YouTube to describe me and The STANDING IN THE LIGHT® Classes and Retreats. Here is the link! Namaste.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

My First Silent Retreat

Many of you know that I went on my first “silent retreat” over the Memorial Day weekend. The goal was to not speak, read, listen to radio or music nor watch TV. We were in retreat at Benet Hill Monastery near Colorado Springs. Everything we needed was within walking distance and we were on a meal plan provided by the Sisters. This helped to keep the outside stimuli and the need to “think” to a minimum.  The goal was to just BE.

Before I went, I was telling one of my long-time friends about it on a phone call. Before he could say anything, I said, “Are you laughing?” He said, “from deep in my belly!” And then, a new person who I just met said, “but you are so outgoing and gregarious.” This just made me laugh. I know that I have neither the inclination nor is it my path to take a vow of silence at this particular time in this particular life. But, I would like to share with you what I experienced in my 60 hours of silence.

We used a guided meditation to set the tone for the 60 hours. This meditation, channeled and narrated by Marsha Hankins, helped us connect to the larger parts of ourselves, to mother earth and the cosmos. By leaving this meditation in silence and not breaking it up with any other outside stimuli besides the sound of the hail that was coming down was quite powerful. I could focus on experiencing the feeling of being connected and one with everything around me in the physical world that is perceived by the 5 human senses. I could, also, focus on experiencing the feeling of being connected and one to everything around me in the metaphysical world that is perceived by the sensations and waves in me and the sense of knowingness that is lost in the overload of the 5 human senses. This was staggeringly profound, and I was only 1 hour into the silence.

I am not sure I ever mastered the “monkey mind” which is part of the goal of being in silence. The idea about being in the silence long enough is that you don’t feel the need to entertain yourself in your own thoughts. Instead, you simply allow yourself to experience the “now”. I found myself still discussing scenarios with myself. Discussing conversations that I had in the past and why they were appropriate or how I could have handled them better. Or discussing different ways I could say things that I knew I was going to need to say when I was “back in the real world”. These are all “judgment based” and I realized I was judging myself; judging myself for things I did in the past or judging “what if I don’t get it correct” in the future. A whole lot of judging going on!

Finally, what I found the most surprising was the simple yet acute joy that I found when I was walking around the monastery grounds. It was a rainy weekend and it was still cool at the altitude of 6000 feet. Never being cold but enjoying the coolness was a slice of heaven. Walking the Labyrinth at least twice a day and reminding myself of the innocence and breathtaking aspects of our shared reality that can include peace and relaxation if we allow it. I found myself trying to determine how I would be able to add in some of the aspects of the silence into my everyday life even as the 24 hour news cycle and access to the internet tempts me to fill every moment of every day with someone else’s thoughts and someone else’s experiences. I am setting my intention to claim a little bit of every day for the silence in nature, the silence in the cosmos and the silence within me. This will surely be how and when I find the God/Goddess Within.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Compassion and Forgiveness Lead to Peace and Love

I was listening to a speaker discussing the historical Jesus a couple weeks ago. He ended his remarks stating that instead of the customary farewell of “Go in Peace” maybe we should say “Go in Justice” and then the Peace would follow. I am no Biblical scholar but I associate the teachings of Jesus more with forgiveness and compassion than with justice. I believe if we have more compassion and forgiveness, then we will have more peace. When we have more compassion, forgiveness and peace we will have more (divine) justice, too.  (For my musings on Divine Justice link to this blog entry from July 2012! )

As I wrote in the Divine Justice blog entry, “The actions taken toward Divine Justice are all about bringing the situation back into alignment with love. If any part of the situation is not reflecting love, then it isn’t in Divine Justice. If any part of the situation is about punishment, reprisal, guilt or shame, then it is not a reflection of Divine Justice.”

What steps should we take in order for any situation to come back into alignment with love? This is when the energies of compassion and forgiveness really come into play. If we can first seek to show compassion to others when we might not understand their point of view and strive to forgive them when we believe they have wronged us, we will start to let go of the anger, hurt and emotional stress of holding grudges and wanting human justice of punishment or retribution. Showing compassion and forgiveness should not be confused with being a doormat for anyone or anything. Standing in your power is still the goal, but standing in Divine Power – not power over another, not giving your power away, but the power of knowing you are part of Divine Creation – goes hand in hand with compassion and forgiveness.

Many teachers have said that you must start to change the world by changing yourself first. In this vein, I would recommend that you start feeling more compassion for yourself and for whatever missteps or faults you might believe you have. You only have these perceived faults because you are not viewing yourself from the point of view of the Divine Realms with the compassion and forgiveness that is available to us if we would just allow it. The more we allow compassion and forgiveness for ourselves, the more the natural truth and energies of the universe will help to bring even higher frequencies of love, light and joy into our experiences and into our cellular memory.

The effects of our experiences stay in our cellular memory, so there is no reason not to have those memories sitting at the highest level that we will allow. Why not have our cellular memory swimming in joy and peace instead of anxiety and want? Consciously allowing ourselves to take in compassion and self-forgiveness will start to allow the cellular metamorphosis that only we can give ourselves. Giving ourselves more compassion, more forgiveness will allow our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves to feel more peace and more ease, which will allow us to feel more peace, ease, compassion and forgiveness for others. This sets the stage and the possibility for others to feel more peace, ease, compassion and forgiveness for themselves and therefore for the rest of humanity and mother earth’s other kingdoms. This is the divine cycle of healing ourselves first and then helping to heal the world in turn, which makes it easier to heal ourselves, and on and on…

I am confident that this is the intent of Jesus’ message: take compassion and forgiveness into our daily lives in order to go in peace and in love.  


Summer schedule of classes for the STANDING IN THE LIGHT® Programs.

We are very excited to announce the new schedule of classes for the STANDING IN THE LIGHT® Programs.
These classes will be taught in both Fort Collins and Louisville, CO. Please contact Lori ( Fort Collins and Martha ( for Louisville. You can find more information on our website:
Please watch this space and the website for the exciting option of taking the classes during a one or two week retreat in Colorado in Oct 2014 or March 2015. In the meantime...


  • Level 1: The Foundation
    • Part 1: Ending the Experiment in Duality - July 12
    • Part 2: Channeling - July 13
    • Part 3: The 5th Dimensional Process for Manifesting - July 19
    • Part 4: Clear Blocks and Receive the Soul’s Vision - July 20
  • Level 2: Moving into Greater Mastery
    • Part 1: Experiencing Oneness through Balancing the Male and Female – August 9
    • Part 2: Balancing the Brain and Heart – August 10
    • Part 3: Advanced Clearing and Healing – August 16
    • Part 4: Advanced Visioning and Achieving Oneness – August 17

Sunday, April 6, 2014

As Long As We Can See the Car, We Aren't Lost

My husband, Pat, and I were snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park last week. It was a stunningly beautiful day; sunny and in the 30s. We were snow shoeing around the Bear, Nymph and Emerald Lakes area (for my Colorado readers.) Each of these lakes are progressively higher on the mountain. As you are hiking to Emerald you can see Bear Lake and Nymph Lake over your shoulder.

The snow pack was sufficiently high that you could not see any trail markers that would be visible during the summer and fall. There was a lot of conversations between the different groups of “snow shoers” trying to determine which way the trail went. There were an equal number of incorrect paths taken, including the one we took, which was actually fun because it was such a beautiful day and it felt more adventuresome to be your own trail blazer. This is discouraged during the summer and fall due to erosion and damage to the vegetation, but probably not so bad when you are walking on three feet of snow. We were even able to walk on the lakes, which gives new meaning to “walking on water”!

While we were high enough to see the other lakes over our shoulders, we could also see the Bear Lake Parking Lot. I overheard one of the groups of “shoers” talking about not knowing where the trail was. The woman said that she was concerned about not being able to find the way back down. Her partner said – “well, if we can see the car, we can’t be lost”.

This conversation made me smile. I love hearing metaphysical messages in ways like this. Of course, for me, the message is: If we know what the end game is, if we know we eventually all make it Home, then we really need to try to enjoy the journey and the adventure in the meantime.

Sure, there are plenty of things that could go wrong for any group of hikers: sudden change in weather, avalanches and no longer seeing the parking lot once you get down in the thick of the trees.  You truly could get off the path, get lost and not see a way back to it, but focusing more on the end game and becoming more confident that the parking lot is going to be there, will make the experience more enjoyable.  Focus on the ultimate goal of getting Home and make the adventure of being here on Mother Earth that much sweeter.  

Saturday, March 8, 2014

True Tolerance For All means Tolerance For All

It is easy to look around our world and realize how much more joyfully we would all live if there was a little more tolerance and acceptance for each other. There are many local, national and international issues that are allowing us to question our own ability to tolerate (and eventually love) others.

The question today is when we seek tolerance for our positions, are we also willing to be tolerant for others when they don’t tolerate us or our positions? A truly tolerant person will seek fair play for themselves, but will be understanding, not necessarily daunted or stopping the push for change, when others don’t see the situation the same way.

Being tolerant of others does not mean that you allow yourself to be walked on by others, but it means that the person who is intolerant of your position is not vilified or insulted. That would only show that you are as intolerant of their position as they are of yours.

I am sure some disagree with me or at least want to make the argument that when the majority is intolerant then injustices can happen to the minority. That position does have basis in the historical evidence of this reality. However, it is imperative for each of us is to look at the energy behind the action of either the minority or the majority to see the reason for the action.

If the minority is tolerant of the majority because the majority has the numbers on its side, then that isn’t really True Tolerance. That is just an understanding of sheer numbers. If the majority is tolerant of the minority’s issues because it makes economic sense or is politically correct, that isn’t True Tolerance, either. That is just using money to determine our morals and our acceptance of the situation.

Embracing that each and all have a right to their opinion and feelings, even if those opinions and feelings seem unfathomable at times, means we must be tolerant when others are intolerant. Peacefully lobby to have laws changed. Peacefully stand with others to have your voice heard or your position brought forward. Seek to know where you still might have intolerance in your heart and release it. Seek to understand the reasoning others might still have intolerance or hatred in their hearts and then be tolerant of them.

Being intolerant back or hating someone back will not further the energy of True Tolerance in our world. Only by changing the atmosphere and energy of intolerance to tolerance will we have True Tolerance. This can only be done by eradicating intolerance within ourselves first, and then holding the space for others to eradicate intolerance within themselves. Forcing tolerance on someone is not True Tolerance and will only change the situation or group of people to which an intolerant person will show his intolerance.  That might feel like a victory to the group that is no longer being ridiculed, but it has not healed the full issue of intolerance in our world. Let us change the underlying energy so that True Tolerance can be the stepping stone to Universal Love.  

New Class Schedule from STANDING IN THE LIGHT®

We are very excited to announce the new schedule of classes for the STANDING IN THE LIGHT® Programs.

These classes will be taught in both Fort Collins and Louisville, CO. Please contact Lori ( Fort Collins and Martha ( for Louisville. You can find more information on our website:

Please watch this space and the website for the exciting option of taking the classes during a one or two week retreat in Colorado in Oct 2014 or March 2015. In the meantime...


  • Level 1: The Foundation
    • Part 1: Ending the Experiment in Duality - April 12
    • Part 2: Channeling - April 13
    • Part 3: The 5th Dimensional Process for Manifesting - April 19
    • Part 4: Clear Blocks and Receive the Soul’s Vision - April 20
  • Level 2: Moving into Greater Mastery
    • Part 1: Experiencing Oneness through Balancing the Male and Female - May 17
    • Part 2: Balancing the Brain and Heart - May 18
    • Part 3: Advanced Clearing and Healing - May 31
    • Part 4: Advanced Visioning and Achieving Oneness - June 1

Friday, February 7, 2014

"Do you have a phone?" Gracefully Transitioning into the New Paradigm

I was skiing in Keystone a couple weeks ago when two teenage girls approached me and asked, “Do you have a phone?” My first reaction was surprise that they didn’t have phones with them based on my own girls’ teenage experiences. I said, yes and reached for it in case they needed to call for a ride or something. They said, “Great, what time is it!” This almost elicited a full belly laugh out of me when I realized they didn’t want to make a call; they wanted to know the time and that the first thought for them wasn’t whether I wore a watch but whether I had a phone with me. I was definitely feeling a little old that if I had need to ask someone for the time, I would not first ask whether they had a phone. Fortunately, I don’t wear a watch so I could at least appear to be as cool as they were, even with the 30-35 year language barrier!

This got me thinking about my need to modernize or to allow myself to gracefully transition into the new paradigm.

Marsha Hankins, my friend and teacher, has channeled from the Spiritual Hierarchy, that the predominate energy for 2014 is TRANSITION.  I find this exciting and am looking forward to what types of transitions I will be making this year. I am working with My God-Self / My Soul regarding what the vision for me is and how that vision fits with the vision for all of humanity and Mother Earth. I am looking at what types of things will change for me with my inner-work, my service and my family.

Especially when I look at everything that is happening in the world, I am reminded that I want to set my intention that all the transitions for me – and for all – are as graceful and easy, as possible. Everyone has their own lessons to learn from the experiences they have. But, there is no reason not to allow for the possibility that we can create the transitions with as much joy and peace, as possible. If we fall short, individually or collectively, from manifesting easy and graceful transitions, it still might as well be our goal. You never know how much more joyfully and peacefully we created the experience simply by setting the intention. In other words, by viewing the glass half full, we are setting our intention to manifest from a positive position which raises our expectations and our outcomes much more than assuming the worst.

Whether you tell time with a sun dial, a watch or a phone, it is time to easily and effortlessly become the next better version of yourself.