Thursday, April 25, 2013

Did Dr. Doolittle Really Talk to the Animals?

We all know the beloved children’s story about Dr. Doolittle. We might have wondered if he really talked to the animals, but more intriguing to me is if he did, how did he do it!

In the I AM CREATOR™ program, we teach a class on learning to channel. The main purpose of channeling is to be in full and clear communication with our Higher Self / Soul, with our God-Self. We teach that through this channeling to our Higher Self/Soul we can seek the Guidance for all our actions. This should be the main focus for our channeling. However, we also teach that through the connection to our Higher Self / Soul we can connect to any other consciousness in the universe. Since we are all a part of the universe, there is no wisdom in the universe that is beyond our grasp if we are in clear communication and do not have any blocks to receiving the wisdom. Sometimes, I even forget how easy and powerful this technique is, but a few weeks ago, two different situations helped me remember.

My husband and I were trying to decide whether it was appropriate and time to have two trees in our front yard taken down. I decided that the best way to know if it was appropriate was to tap into the energy of the trees and ask them themselves. I was surprised by the answers. One tree was 90% dead with much of its bark already off. The other was not nearly as far gone, but was growing at a slant to the point that some of the tree removal people thought its root structure may not support it for long. The answer I received from both trees was fascinating. They both felt like they had lived good lives and didn’t see their removal as affecting the essence of who they were. Their comment…and I may be paraphrasing here…was “we will still be who we are even when we are firewood.” WOW – that is a lot of wisdom coming from the trees.

Then, we had a situation with our new Jeep. Its electrical system went out totally. It was to the point that it looked like the battery wasn’t even in the car, even though tests showed that the battery was operating at 80% capacity or more. “Sahara”, as we call her, had to be towed to the dealership. I decided to use the same technique and tap into Sahara’s essence to see how she felt at the dealership. Again, I was surprised that the energy I felt was fear. Delving a little more into the fear, I realized that Sahara was worried that if she wasn’t fixed properly, if she wasn’t perfect, she would be rejected. Again, what wonderful insight on feeling rejected that can be applied in our own lives coming from my Jeep.

I sent Love and Light to Sahara to ease her fears and thank her for her past service and for her future service. And today, when the people were here to take down the trees and put the really big pieces in our backyard for splitting into firewood, I sent Love, Light and Gratitude to the two trees whose energy will now be used in a different way.

I am thankful for All of God’s Creations and am thankful for the ability to tap into the energy to understand each and all’s wisdom and needs.

So don’t be afraid to try talking to the trees or the animals. It might be your most interesting conversation of the day.