Saturday, March 8, 2014

True Tolerance For All means Tolerance For All

It is easy to look around our world and realize how much more joyfully we would all live if there was a little more tolerance and acceptance for each other. There are many local, national and international issues that are allowing us to question our own ability to tolerate (and eventually love) others.

The question today is when we seek tolerance for our positions, are we also willing to be tolerant for others when they don’t tolerate us or our positions? A truly tolerant person will seek fair play for themselves, but will be understanding, not necessarily daunted or stopping the push for change, when others don’t see the situation the same way.

Being tolerant of others does not mean that you allow yourself to be walked on by others, but it means that the person who is intolerant of your position is not vilified or insulted. That would only show that you are as intolerant of their position as they are of yours.

I am sure some disagree with me or at least want to make the argument that when the majority is intolerant then injustices can happen to the minority. That position does have basis in the historical evidence of this reality. However, it is imperative for each of us is to look at the energy behind the action of either the minority or the majority to see the reason for the action.

If the minority is tolerant of the majority because the majority has the numbers on its side, then that isn’t really True Tolerance. That is just an understanding of sheer numbers. If the majority is tolerant of the minority’s issues because it makes economic sense or is politically correct, that isn’t True Tolerance, either. That is just using money to determine our morals and our acceptance of the situation.

Embracing that each and all have a right to their opinion and feelings, even if those opinions and feelings seem unfathomable at times, means we must be tolerant when others are intolerant. Peacefully lobby to have laws changed. Peacefully stand with others to have your voice heard or your position brought forward. Seek to know where you still might have intolerance in your heart and release it. Seek to understand the reasoning others might still have intolerance or hatred in their hearts and then be tolerant of them.

Being intolerant back or hating someone back will not further the energy of True Tolerance in our world. Only by changing the atmosphere and energy of intolerance to tolerance will we have True Tolerance. This can only be done by eradicating intolerance within ourselves first, and then holding the space for others to eradicate intolerance within themselves. Forcing tolerance on someone is not True Tolerance and will only change the situation or group of people to which an intolerant person will show his intolerance.  That might feel like a victory to the group that is no longer being ridiculed, but it has not healed the full issue of intolerance in our world. Let us change the underlying energy so that True Tolerance can be the stepping stone to Universal Love.  

New Class Schedule from STANDING IN THE LIGHT®

We are very excited to announce the new schedule of classes for the STANDING IN THE LIGHT® Programs.

These classes will be taught in both Fort Collins and Louisville, CO. Please contact Lori ( Fort Collins and Martha ( for Louisville. You can find more information on our website:

Please watch this space and the website for the exciting option of taking the classes during a one or two week retreat in Colorado in Oct 2014 or March 2015. In the meantime...


  • Level 1: The Foundation
    • Part 1: Ending the Experiment in Duality - April 12
    • Part 2: Channeling - April 13
    • Part 3: The 5th Dimensional Process for Manifesting - April 19
    • Part 4: Clear Blocks and Receive the Soul’s Vision - April 20
  • Level 2: Moving into Greater Mastery
    • Part 1: Experiencing Oneness through Balancing the Male and Female - May 17
    • Part 2: Balancing the Brain and Heart - May 18
    • Part 3: Advanced Clearing and Healing - May 31
    • Part 4: Advanced Visioning and Achieving Oneness - June 1