Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Gift for All Seasons: Send Energy Healing!

It is that time of year, again. The time when all of us start to scratch our heads as to what gifts we can get for our families! If you are like my family, where my brother, sister, and I start to email each other at this time of year to see what we should buy for our parents for Christmas, for their anniversary (which is in December) and for Mom’s birthday (which is in January). We are defaulting to our usual gifts for them (flowers for the anniversary, gift card to the local hardware store and to Olive Garden, etc.) Every once-in-awhile we come up with something a little more off the beaten path, but the standbys are standbys because we know they will enjoy them. The rest of my family’s gifts are equally easy and appreciated and my husband and I usually give each other a few nights at a ski resort for our gift to each other.

With my family Christmas shopping list filled out and it isn’t yet December, I have some time to ponder what I could be giving to the other beings that are important to me. I am being guided to send distance healing to the other entities who matter to me whether I know them personally or not.

The true gift of energy healing is the ability to send it to those people, plants, animals and situations around the world who may not even know they are open to receive the benefits of the higher vibrations. The miracle of the energy healing is being able to send Reiki or other energy modalities to a whole group at one time. Maybe you are guided to send energy to all the children of the world, or all the water (ocean, seas, lakes, glaciers and even the water within our bodies) or to all the world leaders, all who vote for the world leaders, and all who are in systems where voting is not how the government is formed.

In the Reiki energy tradition, a person learns how to send Reiki at distance using the symbols learned in Reiki II and in other advanced classes. In Eminent Reiki™, we are taught that you can ask The Reiki Masters to help you send energy to whatever group or situation you would like to send it to regardless if you have not yet taken Reiki II. Eminent Reiki™ also teaches that you can ask The Reiki Masters to help you set programs to repeat the sending of the energy as you are guided at specific intervals, say every three hours for four days, etc. Other modalities have techniques for sending energy to each other and situations all around the world, too.
Don’t let a lack of formal training stop you sending higher vibration energy like love, joy, peace and goodwill to whomever and whatever you are guided to send it. If you like working with a particular ascended master or with an Archangel, you can ask them to help you send higher vibration energy to loved ones or world situations. Because we are all part of the Oneness, you can simply tap into the energy all around and ask how best to send love, joy, peace and goodwill to all who need it, regardless of any particular technique. There is no way to do this incorrectly! There are many paths, many modalities and many customs that are forms of healing that are available to us all.

Finally, since we are part of the Oneness from which everything stems, the most intrinsic way we can help heal Mother Earth, our brothers and sisters around the world and all the situations we see playing out locally and globally, is to heal ourselves. This year, give yourself the gift of self energy healing, in order to have more energy leftover to send to others but more importantly because raising your own vibration will raise the vibration of all those with whom you are connected and with whom you are One, which is everyone and everything. Energy healing is the gift that keeps on giving. I urge you to expand your gift giving list to include this wonderful present for us all.