Monday, October 28, 2013

Why Wouldn’t You Ask Guidance, If You Could?

In the I AM CREATOR™ Class -  Part 2, we teach how to channel to your Higher-Self / Soul by getting into a meditative state. We practice the meditation at the end of the class to start to trust the answers we get when we communicate with our Souls. We always start with easy questions that we hope the lower-self / ego won’t feel are threatening. This allows us to start to feel when we are connected and to trust that connection. The more we practice being in communication with our Higher-Self / Soul, the more we can tell when we aren’t clearly connected. It is equally important to know when we aren’t in clear communication with our Higher-Self / Soul, as it is to know when we are.

Since we start with small questions, i.e. what is in the highest plan for me to have for dinner tonight, or what color is in the highest plan for me to wear tomorrow, some students think that these questions are just for this class and are not questions we would recommend them asking on a daily basis. I have heard (and thought myself, on occasion) does my Soul really care or have an opinion on what I eat / on what I wear? The answer is maybe / maybe not. Maybe there is a range of foods or range of options on any question that might be in the highest plan. We suggest that you ask the question with the preface of “what is in the highest plan” because there may be many good options, but may only be one that is in the highest plan. And it is possible that we won’t know until later or possibly ever know why something was in the highest plan one day but not in the highest plan the next day.

The example I like to use here is that by checking with guidance (our Higher-Self / Soul) on a daily basis, as what is in the highest plan to eat for breakfast, you might know when to just drink juice and when to have a more hardy breakfast. Maybe on the day that you are guided to have a more hardy breakfast, you can’t anticipate that your morning meetings are going to run long and you need the extra food to help you stay focused until you are able to have lunch. From your Soul’s perceptive, the highest plan may be as simple as tapping into what is going to make you the most comfortable as you go through your day. But, in the end, having you be more comfortable, less hungry, more awake, will make you more productive and allow you to leave work earlier and have plenty of energy to meditate or read an interesting book or spend time in nature. All of these resulting activities may be in your highest plan, but if the day doesn’t go well, you may not have the energy to check-in as to what is in the highest plan, next.

The above situation is an example of taking the answer to the simple question like “what is in the highest plan for me to eat for breakfast” and seeing it to its potential logical conclusion as to why it is in the highest plan. However, there are many times when we ask a question and have no logical reason to back up the answer we get. If we know we are connected and in clear communication, we need to trust that the answer we receive is in the highest plan. Again, that is why we start with smaller questions and build up our trust in the line of communication. We also recommend for people to ask the question several different ways to make sure we are not fooling ourselves with clever language, which is why we also teach that the quality of the answer is tied to the quality of the question!

Finally, I was teaching IAC Part 2 a couple weeks ago. We got to the meditation and then the recommendation afterward that the students start to practice checking with guidance on all types of questions whether in the meditation chair or not. We suggest that you start to ask which type of bread to buy at the store, what type of milk or even which of the packages of chicken is the one to buy. Before I could explain why, one of the students, Amber Highberger had an "Ah Ha" moment and said…”well, why wouldn’t you ask? If you know how to communicate with your Soul, why wouldn’t you ask for the highest plan on every decision?” Why indeed wouldn’t you? What a brilliant reminder that you are your Soul. You aren’t asking for permission from someone outside of you to have an extra helping or is this sushi good for me today? You are asking yourself as to what will further you along your path in the easiest and most gentle way. So – why wouldn’t you ask for guidance on every decision you make? The more you practice, the more it will become an easy communication route and won’t take any extra time than just having thoughts!

Practice your connection to your Self and ask for what is in the highest plan, today. You will be glad you did!