Tuesday, April 30, 2019

12 Chakra Initiation and Merkaba Activation

We are offering a 12 Chakra Initiation and Merkaba Activation ceremony in Fort Collins or via phone on Saturday, June 22 at 1 PM Mountain Standard Time. 
There is no better way to define the merkaba than the meaning of its three components – MER-KA-BA. These are the three Egyptian words from which this term comes: MER meaning a special field of Light, KA meaning human spirit, and BA meaning body, the physical form.
In our language, the merkaba is Source’s Light, embodied on Earth in human form…the unique expression of Source that you are residing in your physical form and connected to all things.
Activation of the merkaba requires opening chakras above the head. Many people are familiar with the 7 major chakras in the physical body but we also have chakras above our heads. Moving through the 7th chakra to the 8th chakra and beyond is referred to in the eastern traditions as breaking through the 1000 petal lotus.
Activation of the merkaba requires chakras 8-12 above the head to be opened and activated. The 12 Chakra Initiation opens and activates those chakras and the Merkaba Activation connects your original 12 strands of DNA to those chakras once they are all opened. This gives you permanent access to that energy and greatly expands your energy field.
The initation and activation ceremony is $144. 
For more information or to RSVP contact Lori at lori@iamstandinginthelight.com .

Piercing the Veil

I was inspired to write a poem by the accompanying image from Pixabay.com. I hope you enjoy!

Piercing the Veil

I am here to balance the female and the male.
I am one with the powerful sun and the friendly gale.
I stand resilient without the need to wallow nor to rail.
I embrace compassion and wisdom to see beyond the veil.
Come with me as we journey; our experiences will not fail.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Are you ready to move forward?

Feeling stuck? Not sure how to move forward? It may sound like a simple question, but are you ready to move forward? Are you willing and able to move forward?

In the Standing in the Light® (SITL) Program, we look to clear issues and situations that no longer serve us. Using time honored techniques, we ask to clear the blocks to what we want to manifest (e.g. abundance, health, Christ Consciousness) or we ask to clear the reasons and causes that we have attracted to ourselves something we don’t desire (e.g. illness, relationship troubles, discordant emotions). If the issues are willing to be cleared, then we take the simple approach and allow the clearing to happen. We may track the situation to ensure that the clearing is happening, not wanting to just assume that it is.

However, if the situation is stuck, we may need to explore further why the situation won’t clear. Sometimes the solution is that we don’t know what the alternative is to “this is how I have always felt” or “this is how I have always done it”. In these situations, we ask for education and wisdom from our souls / our god-selves as to how the higher frequency situation is possible and how it might manifest. 

In addition, we can look at these three questions.

·         Am I able to clear the issue?

·         Am I ready to clear the issue?

·         Am I willing to clear the issue?

Some people may think these questions are the same question, but they have slightly different nuances. Let’s take each one separately.

Am I able to clear the issue?

This question – Am I able to clear the issue? – is aimed at determining whether we have the skill, talent, technique or knowledge in order to clear the issue. In the SITL program, we have two different classes that teach techniques to help a student be “able” to clear the issues. Even without these classes, however, simply asking our souls / our god-selves sincerely for something to clear might be enough of an “ability” to start the clearing process.

Speaking metaphysically, the ability to clear something might rest more on whether we have empowered ourselves or given ourselves permission or authority to start the clearing process. If we only believe that someone outside of ourselves – our multi-dimensional selves – has the right to forgive us or to give us permission to heal ourselves, then we might have a false belief that we are not able to help clear or heal the situation ourselves. If we believe that only a priest can absolve us of our discordant energies, then we might find ourselves unable to clear a situation. Ask yourself if you have false beliefs that might be holding you back from your own innate ability to help yourself.

Am I ready to clear the issue?

The question – Am I ready to clear the issue? – asks us to determine if we are completely prepared for or duly equipped for the immediate action to clear something you do not desire or to clear the blocks to something you want to manifest.

Maybe there is an action step that is necessary in order for you to move forward with the highest plan for you. Let’s say you are being guided to volunteer on a search and rescue team for your county. You may have an action step of taking a Wilderness First Responder class in order for you to be ready to fulfill this part of your plan. 

Again, on a more metaphysical note, if I have been holding the false belief that I am dependent on someone else to determine my own level of self-love, I may not be ready to fully love myself unconditionally. Maybe I need to clear my old patterns of co-dependent love prior to truly being ready to clear blocks to my own unconditional love of self.  What is holding me back from truly being ready to love myself? What is holding you back from being ready to move forward on your path?

Am I willing to clear the issue?

Finally, let’s discuss if we are willing to clear the issues we face. When we are not willing to clear the issues, we may need more education and wisdom regarding the alternatives, as discussed above. We may need to raise our frequency with resonances like divine love and divine power to help us with our willingness to move forward. We may simply be stubborn and do not want to move on the topic.

Sometimes we humans just need a metaphorical swift kick to the backside to get us moving! In the SITL classes, if we are unwilling to clear an issue, we teach to ask for spiritual education and nudges to get us over the hurdles. If we are guided, we might move up to slightly more pronounced spiritual urgings like spiritual raps and kicks. These are just allowing ourselves permission for the help, the motivation, and the faith to jump the expanse in front of us until we are willing to move forward with clearing the situation. We might also be guided to ask for divine intervention to help our willingness, as well. 

You might come up with some other terms or techniques to help increase your willingness to move forward. Remember, however, that having compassion and gentleness for ourselves will probably win the day more easily than being harsh and unforgiving of our stubbornness or unwillingness.

Follow-up question

With all of these questions regarding ability, readiness and willingness to move forward, there is a follow-up question. Not only do we want to ask are we able, ready and willing but how willing, how able, or how ready we are to clear the issue. Sometimes we might not be 100% willing to clear a situation, but we are 85% willing. Start to clear the parts that are willing and ask what still needs to be done in order to get the percentage higher. Maybe we need to bring in a divine love or divine wisdom to increase our willingness. Maybe we need to find another underlying cause that we haven’t tapped into yet to increase our willingness. All of these questions will help increase the willingness, the ability, and the readiness to move forward. 

We have the ability to know who we truly are. The energy of readiness is upon us. Let’s be willing to step up to the next level. Have faith and belief in ourselves. We can do it. Namaste.

Standing in the Light® Level 1 Classes this weekend

SITL Level 1: The Foundation
Ending duality means coming back into the experience of Oneness. Oneness is a state of being, an experience, not words on a sheet of paper. However, understanding why we entered into the Experiment, how it operates and what we have learned is helpful to the lower-self in understanding what we need to do to come back into a state of Oneness.
SITL Level I teaches the foundational principles of Oneness, how to connect clearly to one’s highest level of guidance (one’s Soul/ God-Self) and how to use 4th and 5th dimensional principles and techniques for manifesting Oneness and one’s life vision, one’s Soul’s Vision.
  • Part I:  Ending the Experiment in Duality. Learn the founding principles that will take one to Ascension no matter what program one chooses to follow. Unity and Oneness are for all. August 5, 10 AM to 5 PM, $70
  • Part II:  Channeling. There is NO higher source of guidance than one’s own Higher Self/Soul/God/Goddess Within. Learn how to clearly connect and, most importantly, how to validate the information. August 6, 10 AM to 5 PM, $70
  • Part III:  The 5th Dimensional Process of Manifesting. The energies of December 16, 1994 have changed the process by which humankind can bring their Souls’ desires into form. Learn the 5th dimensional process of manifesting and move more quickly into creating the Soul’s vision. August 12, 10 AM to 5 PM, $70
  • Part IV:  Clear Blocks and Receive the Soul’s Vision. One cannot manifest without a clear intention and a clear vision.  Learn to clear blocks to being fully aligned with the Higher Self/Soul to clearly receive and manifest the Soul’s vision/goal (versus your Lower-Self’s vision) in any area of life. August 13, 10 AM to 5 PM, $70
For more information www.iamstandinginthelight.com 

Find your Bliss!

Where do you find your Bliss? Where do you find your Being-ness? Many of us find ourselves in a blissful state when we meditate. Standing in the Light® Classes, as well as many others, teach techniques that can help you get into a meditative and blissful state. We suggest that people meditate and find bliss daily as this is where you know your true self and this is where all true inner healing is done. It allows us to feel the joy of who we are and to eliminate the stress of the 3rd Dimensional world. The metaphysicians are not the only ones to know this. I recently came across this headline and summary of an article.

Meditation: A simple, fast way to reduce stress

Meditation can wipe away the day's stress, bringing with it inner peace. See how you can easily learn to practice meditation whenever you need it most.

What guru or new age magazine did I stumble upon? The Mayo Clinic website. http://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/meditation/in-depth/meditation/art-20045858

One of the suggestions in this article is to walk and meditate at the same time; basically using walking as a meditation. I will go one step further… pun intended… and say to use dance as a meditation.

This morning, I went to Soul Kitchen Dance in Fort Collins to join friends in a freeform style of dance. I love this group. No judgment, just greats beats to dance to and freedom for the soul. https://www.facebook.com/groups/SoulKitchenDance/

While I was dancing today, I had an overwhelming awareness of my being-ness. My physical body was in motion for 70 minutes and yet I felt the connectedness and being-ness of the universe throughout my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. I found my bliss.  

Allow yourself to find your bliss and the relaxation of meditation in many different forms and activities. Forget the belief that there is only one way to meditate – sitting in lotus position for hours on end. Find your bliss in the silence, in the moment, in the noise, in the colors, in the music, in the dance. Be Well. JUST BE.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Divine Surrender: Is Your Universe Limited to Your Backyard?

As readers of this blog know, I am a new puppy guardian. The universe has been giving me great messages through this new experience for me. Today's message is Divine Power and Freedom through Divine Surrender.
Recently, my friend and teacher, Marsha Hankins wrote a book called, Ascension, The End of Duality, Published by Balboa Press and available online at http://amzn.to/1W9XswR. Marsha arranged a teleconference to answer questions that any of her readers might have. On the conference, Marsha was addressing the need for us to surrender to our own Divine Will. She suggested that we all tap into the energy of an ascended master to see how the ascended master felt about Divine Surrender.
I was guided to tap into the energy of the Christ to see how he feels about Divine Surrender. The immediate response I received was that of Divine Power. How interesting. By being in Divine Surrender, the Christ was feeling his complete Divine Power. Ginger Withee, another friend of mine shared with me that when she tried the same experiment, she felt expansion, freedom, and deep connectedness. Comparing notes, Ginger and I realized that Divine Surrender is the exact opposite of what human surrender feels like. It is through Divine Surrender – surrendering to the Divine Will within ourselves, that we have the power and the freedom to be and experience what is in the highest good of all. Anything less than this and we are limiting ourselves.
How does this apply to my 11-week old lab, Ruby Sunshine? Obviously, Ruby is very young and we are just starting to train her. Pat and I are trying to be as conscious as possible to not expect her to be more evolved than she is! Having said that, we live on a state highway that has a 50 mile an hour speed limit at our door. We can no longer allow Ruby to be outside of our backyard without a leash. She is too fast for us, already! Further into her training for voice recall, this may change. But, for now, the leash needs to be on for her protection and security.
As you can imagine, at first, Ruby viewed her leash as trying to control her or to confine her. That is how we humans view surrender and even guidance, sometimes. We have been working with Ruby, physically and energetically, to see if she will reframe the way she views the leash from being controlling to being her freedom. Just like the Christ showed me, Divine Surrender to Divine Will, (aka being willing to walk on her leash) will allow Ruby to go anywhere, not just stay in the backyard, and be safe and secure while she is on the leash. Her universe will no longer be limited to her backyard. Her universe will include walks, hikes, new experiences, and new smells, all because she is willing to surrender to her leash.
The other day, Ruby was still fighting the leash on what I assume is personal conviction! Therefore, Pat and I had her in the backyard. However, she could see us in the garden which is not in the backyard. She kept running to the fence and looking like she wanted to join us in the garden. Deciding to give it a try, I put her on the leash and without much resistance, she was willing to be out of the backyard. Please bear in mind that the walk we went on was not a classic “at heel” walk at all! It was definitely all about how far she could run to the next smell. She did great! I believe this smart little creature is starting to realize that the leash is the key to her freedom.
What do we need to do to realize that surrendering to our own God-self, our own inner wisdom, and guidance, will lead to our freedom and our true power?