Friday, October 3, 2014

Belief in the Highest Plan; Belief in Myself

I am very excited about the opportunity to lead a retreat for the STANDING IN THE LIGHT® program at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, CO, in March next year. Sunrise Ranch is a wonderful location with great energy and charm. I met with the woman in charge of retreats at Sunrise Ranch today and we have agreed on a plan for a great retreat.

Driving home with the roof off the jeep through the Horsetooth reservoir area on this fine autumn day, it seemed appropriate to come home and work some manifestation magic to kick the project off.

As I was filling with wonderful resonances to help create this plan, I started to feel resistance to whether I believed offering this program at Sunrise Ranch is the highest plan. Whenever I feel resistance coming up, I try to determine what the blocks are and why I feel resistance. I especially want to figure out why I have resistance to this if I believe I am following Guidance and this in the highest plan for me, the program and the potential students.

As I was checking on some of the possible blocks to manifesting this plan, I realized that I was starting to question whether this was truly the highest plan. I started to question whether the joint creation between my Soul and The Christ had gone astray. Had my Soul gone rogue? Had The Christ gone rogue? Of course, sitting in the silence, I could tell that neither my Soul nor The Christ had gone rogue, but I have been taught by my great teachers that you always have to start with questions like “Am I in alignment with my Guidance on this topic?” “Is my Guidance in alignment with the highest plan?” “Is the highest plan for this particular project still in flux or is the highest plan known to the best of the abilities that a fluid-in-the-now-co-creation-plan can be known?” I will admit that none of my teachers have suggested I ask “Have my Soul or The Christ gone rogue?” but that is the way the question came to me today!

The more I delved into what might be causing my resistance, I realized that it wasn’t my Soul or The Christ who had gone rogue, it was my lower self not believing what the highest plan is; my lower self not having faith in what the highest plan is. As I started to clear these blocks and started to fill with the higher frequencies of Divine Faith and Divine Belief to transmute the lack of faith and the lack of belief, I found what the real underlying block is. I have fear that I don’t have enough belief and enough faith in myself to be able to create what the highest plan is. Faith and belief in myself is definitely a requirement to manifest anything, any project. I immediately started to clear any blocks to having faith and belief in myself, clearing blocks to my own self-confidence and my own self-love.

Believing in myself will help create this wonderful opportunity at Sunrise Ranch, which I am confident, is in the highest plan. But, in this wonderful world we live in, manifesting the highest plan for me is really manifesting my own self-belief, self-confidence and self-love. That is the cake part of the highest plan. The program retreat at Sunrise Ranch is simply the tool my Guidance used to have me look at the topic of my lack of self-belief and faith. Manifesting the program retreat at Sunrise Ranch is the frosting.