Friday, February 7, 2014

"Do you have a phone?" Gracefully Transitioning into the New Paradigm

I was skiing in Keystone a couple weeks ago when two teenage girls approached me and asked, “Do you have a phone?” My first reaction was surprise that they didn’t have phones with them based on my own girls’ teenage experiences. I said, yes and reached for it in case they needed to call for a ride or something. They said, “Great, what time is it!” This almost elicited a full belly laugh out of me when I realized they didn’t want to make a call; they wanted to know the time and that the first thought for them wasn’t whether I wore a watch but whether I had a phone with me. I was definitely feeling a little old that if I had need to ask someone for the time, I would not first ask whether they had a phone. Fortunately, I don’t wear a watch so I could at least appear to be as cool as they were, even with the 30-35 year language barrier!

This got me thinking about my need to modernize or to allow myself to gracefully transition into the new paradigm.

Marsha Hankins, my friend and teacher, has channeled from the Spiritual Hierarchy, that the predominate energy for 2014 is TRANSITION.  I find this exciting and am looking forward to what types of transitions I will be making this year. I am working with My God-Self / My Soul regarding what the vision for me is and how that vision fits with the vision for all of humanity and Mother Earth. I am looking at what types of things will change for me with my inner-work, my service and my family.

Especially when I look at everything that is happening in the world, I am reminded that I want to set my intention that all the transitions for me – and for all – are as graceful and easy, as possible. Everyone has their own lessons to learn from the experiences they have. But, there is no reason not to allow for the possibility that we can create the transitions with as much joy and peace, as possible. If we fall short, individually or collectively, from manifesting easy and graceful transitions, it still might as well be our goal. You never know how much more joyfully and peacefully we created the experience simply by setting the intention. In other words, by viewing the glass half full, we are setting our intention to manifest from a positive position which raises our expectations and our outcomes much more than assuming the worst.

Whether you tell time with a sun dial, a watch or a phone, it is time to easily and effortlessly become the next better version of yourself.