Saturday, May 10, 2014

Compassion and Forgiveness Lead to Peace and Love

I was listening to a speaker discussing the historical Jesus a couple weeks ago. He ended his remarks stating that instead of the customary farewell of “Go in Peace” maybe we should say “Go in Justice” and then the Peace would follow. I am no Biblical scholar but I associate the teachings of Jesus more with forgiveness and compassion than with justice. I believe if we have more compassion and forgiveness, then we will have more peace. When we have more compassion, forgiveness and peace we will have more (divine) justice, too.  (For my musings on Divine Justice link to this blog entry from July 2012! )

As I wrote in the Divine Justice blog entry, “The actions taken toward Divine Justice are all about bringing the situation back into alignment with love. If any part of the situation is not reflecting love, then it isn’t in Divine Justice. If any part of the situation is about punishment, reprisal, guilt or shame, then it is not a reflection of Divine Justice.”

What steps should we take in order for any situation to come back into alignment with love? This is when the energies of compassion and forgiveness really come into play. If we can first seek to show compassion to others when we might not understand their point of view and strive to forgive them when we believe they have wronged us, we will start to let go of the anger, hurt and emotional stress of holding grudges and wanting human justice of punishment or retribution. Showing compassion and forgiveness should not be confused with being a doormat for anyone or anything. Standing in your power is still the goal, but standing in Divine Power – not power over another, not giving your power away, but the power of knowing you are part of Divine Creation – goes hand in hand with compassion and forgiveness.

Many teachers have said that you must start to change the world by changing yourself first. In this vein, I would recommend that you start feeling more compassion for yourself and for whatever missteps or faults you might believe you have. You only have these perceived faults because you are not viewing yourself from the point of view of the Divine Realms with the compassion and forgiveness that is available to us if we would just allow it. The more we allow compassion and forgiveness for ourselves, the more the natural truth and energies of the universe will help to bring even higher frequencies of love, light and joy into our experiences and into our cellular memory.

The effects of our experiences stay in our cellular memory, so there is no reason not to have those memories sitting at the highest level that we will allow. Why not have our cellular memory swimming in joy and peace instead of anxiety and want? Consciously allowing ourselves to take in compassion and self-forgiveness will start to allow the cellular metamorphosis that only we can give ourselves. Giving ourselves more compassion, more forgiveness will allow our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves to feel more peace and more ease, which will allow us to feel more peace, ease, compassion and forgiveness for others. This sets the stage and the possibility for others to feel more peace, ease, compassion and forgiveness for themselves and therefore for the rest of humanity and mother earth’s other kingdoms. This is the divine cycle of healing ourselves first and then helping to heal the world in turn, which makes it easier to heal ourselves, and on and on…

I am confident that this is the intent of Jesus’ message: take compassion and forgiveness into our daily lives in order to go in peace and in love.  


Summer schedule of classes for the STANDING IN THE LIGHT® Programs.

We are very excited to announce the new schedule of classes for the STANDING IN THE LIGHT® Programs.
These classes will be taught in both Fort Collins and Louisville, CO. Please contact Lori ( Fort Collins and Martha ( for Louisville. You can find more information on our website:
Please watch this space and the website for the exciting option of taking the classes during a one or two week retreat in Colorado in Oct 2014 or March 2015. In the meantime...


  • Level 1: The Foundation
    • Part 1: Ending the Experiment in Duality - July 12
    • Part 2: Channeling - July 13
    • Part 3: The 5th Dimensional Process for Manifesting - July 19
    • Part 4: Clear Blocks and Receive the Soul’s Vision - July 20
  • Level 2: Moving into Greater Mastery
    • Part 1: Experiencing Oneness through Balancing the Male and Female – August 9
    • Part 2: Balancing the Brain and Heart – August 10
    • Part 3: Advanced Clearing and Healing – August 16
    • Part 4: Advanced Visioning and Achieving Oneness – August 17