Monday, September 2, 2013

Heal Ourselves - Help Heal the World!

One of the things I love about writing these blog entries and teaching classes is being able to help people see the silver lining in issues that confront them and our world. Today’s topic has been harder for me to deal with personally, but is no less an issue that we should address.

When I look around at what is happening in the world, especially the Middle East, I sometimes wonder what I can do about it and if what I do about it helps. I have been working with these issues for the last week.

Many days, I wake up at 5 AM knowing that I am supposed to spend the next timeframe…minutes to an hour…to help heal the issues inside me which are reflected in the world around me…especially, the Middle East. I have been working to bring Peace to myself (True Peace…not just a personal version of a cease fire or a new boundary to keep others at bay…but True Peace). I have been working to bring Love, Wisdom and Power (True Power…not power over another) to myself. And of course, filling with Harmony, Cooperation, Unity and Oneness, too, as well as a few more qualities necessary to really create a reality that is more light filled and less fearful.

I was amazed that the quality that was the hardest to breathe in was Gratitude. It made no sense to me mentally, as to why filling with Peace, Power and Oneness was easier than Gratitude. I continued to explore this question until I realized that as much as I knew that I was responsible for my own experiences…and therefore could work to change my experiences if I didn’t like what I was creating…I was not grateful for this responsibility. I wanted something outside of me to wave the magic wand and create what I want to see in the world, but didn’t want to take the responsibility to do it myself. Once I realized this, I was able to bring in True Responsibility and True Gratitude for myself. I am now, again, grateful to know that I can change what I don’t like within myself (although sometimes this does take a little longer than I would like…and/or I just need to figure out what else might be blocking me from making the changes) and that by changing myself, I can also hold the intention that I am part of the solution to change these same issues in the world situations.

If the world situations do not appear to be changed with healing myself and setting my intentions to help heal the world, I need to remember a few other general principles.

First, all others on the earth have as much right to not change themselves to be more light filled, as I have to change myself.

Second, it is not my place to judge others in what they believe to be their options for themselves, and depending on their current role, for those they lead.

Third, my love for each and all is not based on whether they agree with me or whether they are able to change based on me sending them Love, Light and Peace.

Finally, my hope for each and all, is that regardless of what they might have believed to be their only options just a week or day ago, that my love will help them see a more peaceful, more light filled option today, next week, next month or next year.

What is your hope and intention for yourself and the world for this week?