Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sunrise: Does the sun re-create itself daily?

Like many light workers, I deal daily with the concept of “creating a new me”. Does this mean that the old me needing fixing or that the old me is something less than Divine? The answer may lie in how I look at the situation. What filters do I use to look at myself?

Take the rising sun. As it breaks over the horizon, the most common perspective is that it is creating itself new every day. But, we all know that if we spoke to a friend 12 longitude lines away from us, she could attest to the sun being the same sun in the sky during her day, being perfect and eternal for her needs at simply an earlier time on the clock. Does the sun really create itself new everyday or do we just perceive this eternal ball of energy as different based on the filters through which we view it?

Some of these filters could be clouds in the sky, volcano smoke or human pollution. Some of the filters could be our own personal lens such as ignoring the sun or putting up shades until it is convenient for us to acknowledge the power of the sun on our own timeframe. And finally, maybe our filter is the perceived absence of the sun when really he is just kissing the other side of the earth.

Let’s not discount the beauty, splendor and hope that comes with each new dawn, but we must realize that we are simply allowing the divinity and the perfection of the sun (that has always been there and always will be) shine in our lives. We are abandoning the filters that mar what we know to be eternal. Thus, with ourselves, we simply need to quash the filters and let the Love and the Light naturally occurring to shine through. And if we manage to forget our light and re-apply the old filters to ourselves during the day, we can take solace in knowing that Scarlett is right; “tomorrow is another day”.