Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Divine Reckless Abandonment: A Key to Your Internal Passion.

Many of us are stuck in fear and inaction. To help us move out of the lethargy, let’s explore Divine Reckless Abandonment!

Divine Reckless Abandonment is the companion resonance to Divine Pure Joy. It is descriptive of the feeling when you are so committed to a path that you throw caution to the wind and trust the inner voice which is spurring you on to make the changes in your life that you need to make. It encourages you to take up a cause which you have been afraid to take up and to speak your truth no matter who is listening…or maybe more importantly, no matter who IS NOT listening. You have zeal, fervor and passion for what you know to be your truth and are willing to embrace that truth through thick and thin.

Divine Reckless Abandonment is about your internal passion and your internal power. It is not about having power over another. That characteristic no longer serves you. You do not need to force another to your point of view when you are in Divine Reckless Abandonment, but it is possible that your actions will be so infectious that others cannot help but be drawn to you. It is all about another being freely attracted to your energy as opposed to forcibly being coerced to agree with your position.

Divine Reckless Abandonment is about being willing and ready to take the risks to stand in your true power and to be who you truly are in every minute, no matter other people’s opinions and no matter your own fears. Start to add a little bit of Divine Reckless Abandonment in your life and see the changes you create.