Tuesday, November 27, 2012


My husband and I have been doing a lot of long distance driving this year and have had the opportunity to listen to classic books on CD to help pass the time. Earlier this year, we listened to Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

The book is set in London circa 2500 AD where humans are created in hatcheries and their level of intelligence, and therefore their whole existence, contributions to society and jobs, are determined by the quality of the chemicals and feed put into their gestational fluid. Once the human is born, the programming continues by what they are taught and the messages that are played to them endlessly during their sleep, during waking hours on the radio, etc.

It is almost impossible to act outside the bounds of what society has determined for the characters simply because the constant programming makes the actions one takes seem so appropriate. The programming creates the person’s reality.

My question for all of us is “what are we allowing to be played in our heads 24/7?” What programming do we allow society, our parents, our children, our television show selections and our government to play in our head at all times of the day and night?

Is it something that feeds our soul or feeds our anger? Is it something that helps us to help our fellow human or is it something that divides us from others?

The question as to whether it is better to be born an “Alpha” (the ultimate HAVES in Brave New World) or a “Gamma” (the ultimate HAVE NOTS) is not really the question to ask yourself. The question to ask yourself is, what am I am I doing about each and every choice I can make in each and every moment, today, including what I might otherwise view as banal entertainment or subliminal choices.

Not every choice you make has to be a highbrow choice without fun or easy moments to simply relax. But, everything you program into yourself finds a place in your memory and your subconscious and may play out in a knee jerk response when you least expect it. Allow your “self programming” to be what you want it to be, what serves you, and reject the programming that no longer serves you.

There are many techniques and teachings to help you eliminate the old programming, but at least start to recognize that you no longer need to accept the old programming and you, and you alone, can change the channel for your new programming. Doing this will allow you to step into A BRAVE NEW WORLD of your own choosing.