Thursday, September 13, 2012

If it doesn't fit....

My husband and I just moved from St. Augustine, FL to Fort Collins, CO. We used a Pack Rat Container to move our household belongings. We gave away a lot of furniture and other items before we moved knowing that some of the stuff was not suppose to make the move. There was a little concern that we could be over our weight allowance on the container, but other than that, there was a bit of comfort in knowing that if something didn’t fit, it wouldn’t ship! No gnashing of teeth, simply no more room for extra stuff!

Maybe that is the lesson for us all from this experience, if something in our lives no longer fits, we should not try to take it with us into the next chapter of our life, indeed…don’t try to take it into the next moment of our lives.

Autumn has always been my favorite time of the year. I think it has something to do with how the light slants onto the earth. Plus, I have always felt like The Fall brings new adventures with the starting of new school years…and particularly for me this year…the start of the new chapter of living in Fort Collins. If you haven’t had the opportunity to do your “spring cleaning” yet this year, borrow a page out of my book, and use the energy and the light of the Autumn to remember that … if it no longer fits, don’t let it “slip” into your next moment.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I AM CREATOR™ classes

Martha and I are teaching I AM CREATOR™ classes in Louisville and Fort Collins starting Sept 29. Let me know if you are interested! More info at

Here is the full Standing In The Light® class schedule for Sept / Oct 2012.


Sept.-Oct. Class Schedule


The quickening is becoming more and more evident to all of mankind. Each day the clock ticks faster and the people of the planet look for solutions to moving forward from where we have been into the long prophesied Golden Age. The time has come for all of humanity to access their ancient wisdom, break through the illusion of duality and come back into the full and complete experience of themselves as God.

I AM CREATOR™: 4th & 5th Dimensional Procedures for Experiencing Oneself as God is a 6-Part series channeled from The Christ as a how-to program for contemporary man to achieve Full God-Consciousness in which The Christ emphasizes “Universal Truth” as separated from dogma. As humanity raises its frequency, new and higher levels of understanding of the Universal Truths and working with the energies are necessary. Learn how to channel by clearly connecting to one’s God-Self for guidance, 4th & 5th dimensional techniques for clearing and manifesting one’s Life Vision, and the steps to becoming a Full Living Master and the true experience of oneself as The God/Goddess All That Is.


All workshops must be taken in consecutive order.

However, all classes do not have to be taken in the same session.

For classes in Fort Collins contact Lori at 970-472-2029

For classes in Louisville contact Martha at 720-304-3700

Part I: Foundation for Ascension. Learn the founding principles that will take one to Ascension no matter what program one chooses to follow. Unity and Oneness are for all. 10 a.m.-4 p.m., $60. Sept. 29. Fort Collins and Louisville, CO.

Part II: Channeling – Connecting to your Higher Self/Soul. There is NO higher source of guidance than your own Higher Self/Soul/God/Goddess Within. Learn how to connect and, most importantly, how to validate the information. 10 a.m.-4 p.m., $60. Sept. 30. Fort Collins and Louisville, CO.

Part III: Manifesting – How to Create Your Soul’s Vision. The energies of December 16, 1994 have changed the process by which humankind can bring their Souls’ desires into form. Learn the 5th dimensional process of manifesting and move more quickly into creating your Soul’s vision.
10 a.m.-5 p.m., $70. Oct. 13. Fort Collins and Louisville, CO.

Part IV: Clearing Part 1 – Understanding the Clearing Process. Human evolution could be defined as the process of releasing beliefs in limitation and fears of separation. These false beliefs and discordant emotions are the #2 cause for failure to manifest your Soul’s desire. 10 a.m.-5 p.m., $70. Oct. 14. Fort Collins and Louisville, CO.

Part V: Clearing Part 2 – Tools and Techniques for Clearing. Learn and practice 4th and 5th dimensional techniques to transform and transmute conscious and subconscious blocks to experiencing yourself as God. 10 a.m.-5 p.m., $70. Oct. 27. Fort Collins and Louisville, CO.

Part VI: Receiving Your Soul’s Vision. You cannot manifest without a clear vision. Learn to align with your Higher Self/Soul to receive your Soul’s vision/goal (versus your Ego-Self’s vision) in any area of your life. This is THE #1 cause for failure to manifest. 10 a.m.-5 p.m., $70. Oct. 28. Fort Collins and Louisville, CO.

Mastery Group. Advanced teachings for those who have completed the IAC 6-part series. 7:30 p.m., $20. Sept. 21; Oct. 19. Lafayette, CO. Contact Marsha at 970-484-0177.


Twelve Chakra Initiation and Merkaba Vehicle Activation. This initiation unlocks the locks above the 7th chakra, opens and activates the 5 chakras above your head, reconnects the 12-strand DNA, and activates the Merkaba Vehicle PERMANENTLY. This will tremendously accelerate your evolution! 1-4 p.m., $144. Oct. 20. Fort Collins, CO. Contact Marsha at 970-484-0177.

Energies Beginning at the Fall Equinox. Since the Harmonic Convergence Aug. 17/18, 1987, there have been waves of new higher frequencies coming to the planet. Learn what these new energies are for this year and how to best use them in the coming quarter. 1:00 p.m., $30. Sept. 22. Lafayette, CO. Contact Marsha at 970-484-0177.

New Moon Ceremony. At the new moon, the Ancients did ceremony to ask that their desires be brought into form. It’s a time to “plant the seeds” for that which will manifest at some later full moon. Come with a clear intention of what you want to manifest. 7:00 p.m., $20. Sept. 15; Oct. 15. Fort Collins, CO. Contact Marsha at 970-484-0177.

Eminent Reiki™ I. A new approach to Reiki with a special male/female component unique to the Eminent Reiki™ process. Not only are the male and female used together to create a special healing experience, they are specifically blended together into a new energy that is part of the Eminent Reiki™ attunement. 10:00-5:00 p.m.; $100. Oct. 6. Register by Sept. 29. Contact Maria at 970-223-7001 in Fort Collins and Martha at 720-304-3700 in Boulder.

Eminent Reiki™ II. Nov. 3. 10:00-6 p.m.; $150. Register by Oct. 27. Contact Maria at 970-223-7001 in Fort Collins and Martha at 720-304-3700 in Boulder.

Advanced Reiki Healing Techniques. Techniques and procedures for increasing Reiki Mastery. Prerequisite: Eminent Reiki™ I and II. Dec. 1. 1-6:00 p.m., $100. Register by Nov. 24. Contact Maria at 970-223-7001 in Fort Collins and Martha at 720-304-3700 in Boulder.

Eminent Reiki™ III. Dec. 8. 10:00-6 p.m.; $200. Register by Dec 1. Contact Maria at 970-223-7001 in Fort Collins and Martha at 720-304-3700 in Boulder.